Monday, March 21, 2005


as everyone already knows by now, i'm sure, yahoo acquired flickr.

look, i'm all for the fine folks at ludicorp banking on their success. they've earned it, right? i've enjoyed their site immensely and know others who have as well. so hooray for them.

but YAHOO?!??!??! spamalicious, craptacular yahoo?!???!?? this leaves me with serious doubts as to the life expectancy of my beloved flickr. yahoo does seem to have the reverse midas touch. i.e. no gold, only shit.

so the minute flickr turns into fuckr, i'm out of there. no banner ads for me, thank you.

bunch of fucking yahooligans.


Lisa B. said...

Heh heh ... fuckr. That's funny!

r4kk4 said...


i'm still slightly miffed about having my favorite site being a crutch for yahoo's mid life crisis though.

sigh...why couldn't yahoo just buy a shiny, red sports car like all the others?

Nyx said...

yeah, I kind of went 'ew! what?' when I read that too. OK, I have a yahoo mail account and all, and I'm not full of too much bile as I've never been overly spammed, whatever....but, it was a bit 'my independant hip cafe has just been bought out by starbucks, and you know, we're not going to lose our indy hip groovy underground funkiness, but'
('yeah you are going to...')

r4kk4 said...

EXACTLY, nyx!!

i'm going to stick it out and see how things go. but i don't feel too good about it.

i know the flickr developers promise that yahoo "gets" flickr, buuuuuut, i don't know if the flickr folk have ever been bought by a major corporation before.

in my experience (at companies i've worked for, not, personally. why would there be a takeover of rakka?), things change for the worse no matter how much you try to maintain the indie vibe you've got going on.


i hope it doesn't come down to this, but if yahoo manages to fuck things up (as they've done with other projects they've acquired) we'll just find someplace else to go.

Nyx said...

yeah, we'll gather up our little portfolio of photos, shove em under our arm, turn up our noses, go 'hmph' and stalk off to find the next up and coming indie hip photosharing site (till THEY get bought out by hotmail, haha!)

r4kk4 said...


don't forget to steal some pens on the way out! ;D!