Wednesday, September 21, 2005

in search of contact paper

just a question. does anyone know of a source for different colors of contact paper besides ebay? i'm looking for brown and pink. maybe also a light, springish green.

i'd like to not have to buy vinyl lettering paper as it's hella expensive per roll. (this i remember from my days at the sign shop) any suggestions would be appreciated! thanks!


Lisa B. said...

hey, you worked at a sign shop? I've had several jobs where we had to do vinyl lettering. I think it's the kind of job everyone turns to when their dreams of being an actual artist or designer begin to fade ...

r4kk4 said...

oh yes! i've held MAAAAAANY jobs one of which was at a sign company.

i was promised that i could work with neon and that i'd be doing design work buuuuuuut that didn't happen.

long story short, i quit.