Thursday, September 15, 2005

word verification is on

sorry to inconvenience everyone but i've had to turn the word verification on in comments.

too much spam from too many stupid ass bots. assbots. hur hur!!

i do have to apologize especially to any blind or visually disabled people that may have been reading this blog as word verfication makes it impossible to read comments with any software/machine that you might be using. hopefully this spam issue will sort itself out in a little while and i'll be able to return comments to normal. i'm very sorry.


michael said...

I had to do this too as i got some stoopid smap and spam too. it seems to do the trick so far. fingers crossed!

Lisa B. said...

pR0n! v1agra! pEn1ss!! h0tt grill on grill aXXion!

Just testing to see if my spam still gets through ...

r4kk4 said...

isn't it irritating, michael?! grrr!!

it does seem to be working so far though.

HAHAH!! grill on grill action sounds good. esp if it involves grilled veggies!

although i do have to admit that i prefer hot cheese on cheese, i mean, crackers... HAHAH!

HappyGillmore said...

me too! except, I can't post to blogger through flickr with the damn thing turned on...i had to turn it off again. I guess I'll just have to be slightly amused by the porn industry for a while.