Wednesday, October 05, 2005

salty language and utilikilts

seattle food is amazing. i know, i know, i tend to ramble on about this. but this is something new so keep reading, please.

ok, so amazing food....but, and this is the new part, the food is so healthy that it's causing me to have a salt deficiency.

i'm the only person that i know that has been advised by a doctor to EAT SALT because my blood pressure bottoms out from time to time. things were going fine in the southern u.s. because all prepackaged food from that region is loaded with sodium. in fact, i learned to not add too much salt when cooking because i grew up in tennessee.

not so the prepackaged food in seattle. it's mostly organic and low sodium. so i find myself getting really weak and craving salt. i mean, literally tasting salt that i haven't eaten yet, i'm craving it that badly. it's been really bizarre. and none of my usual quick salt fixes have really worked (like diet fruit tonic water? in the south it's LOADED with sodium. here? it's sodium free which i didn't notice on the package until i had downed half a bottle of the stuff in a vain attempt to regulate blood pressure. ARGH!!! i had to eat a bag of sea salt chips to rectify the situation.)

but enough of the salty language. (god, the puns. they are t eh suxor.) back to the wonders of seattle. another great thing about this place is the abundance of men in utilikilts. well, ok, two men in utilikilts but i do love me a man in a kilt. and two is better than none.

also, men in skirts are acceptable if kilts are not widely available.

i'm actually covetous of the utilikilt as it has so many pockets. i might have to get one.


FreeThinker said...

Check out the Utilikilts at the Love Parade!

Irregular Shed said...

From what I recall, Utilikilts also have the fabulously named 'privacy flaps' to stop curious eyes from attempting to peep up to see what's underneath...

r4kk4 said...

those were great, freethinker! thanks!

i didn't know about the "privacy flaps", shed! (i, er, never tried to get an upkirt shot of a man in a kilt. haha!)

there's a utilikilt store on 15th/whatever it's called when it crosses the bridge. we passed it when we were returning the uhaul and i screamed "UTILIKILT STORE!!!" and laughed with so much happiness that i sounded like a crazy woman.

i THINK the laughing was due to the 13 hours we'd just spent in the truck plus all of the unloading we'd just done, but i can't be sure....