Saturday, February 25, 2006

premolar death


oh christ, am i freaked out! earlier today when i was flossing my teeth half of one of my premolars fell out! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! #@#!$#@$#!

i'm embarrassed to admit how long it's been since i've darkened the doorway of a dentist (being broke + no insurance hasn't hastened the process) but now i have no choice. visit a dentist i must.

does anyone know of a good doctor in the queen anne area? i'm looking for someone that isn't afraid to knock me out (fear of needles, don't you know) and that won't lecture me about the state of my teeth. (i've done the best that i could given my circumstances.)

god, i'm so nervous. and i feel like billy-no-tooth from up in the mountains.

and don knotts died. *deep sigh*


Brit said...

God, I'm going to have nightmares about this now.

I told my dentist that I'd rather get a pap smear than see him any day.

r4kk4 said...

i'm sorry! i debated about whether or not i should even write about it. i only did because it helped a teeny tiny bit with the anxiety.

i talked to leff about dentists yesterday and, apparently, i had a masochistic butcher taking care of my teeth. i suppose that's what you get when you live in rural town, u.s.a. though. *shiver*

amazingly enough i didn't dream about my teeth last night. i dreamt that we got a miniature elephant in our produce shipment. i filled the tub part of the way with water and he stomped around in it makeing happy elephant noises and spraying himself with water.

i wish i had a miniature elephant....

r4kk4 said...

er, that should have been "making happy elephant noises".

hazel said...

I sympathistle with your toothy problem. I too had a fear of dentists for many years and it wasnt until I had toothache in my mid thirties that I went to a private dentist that someone had reccomended for being good and gentle and tells you what he's going to do before he does it etc. It was very expensive but I was in paid employement at the time and so bit the bullet and went. I had to have several fillings but so glad i went back as he was very good and cured my fear and Ive been back every six months since, despite moving and having to find a new dentist. So hope you find a good one too rakka.

r4kk4 said...

thanks, hazel!! it's nice to know that someone else had to deal with a toothy dilemma in their 30's!

i'm a bit concerned about the cost, but hopefully they'll let me pay in installments. i hope.

and i've done some reading, i had no idea that a root canal can be finished in under an hour now! insane!

Lisa B. said...

I, too, went far too long without seeing a dentist. Hate 'em. I went last week and found out that all my old fillings are "leaky" or downright broken, and I have two small plces where gum disease has set up shop. So now I'll be a regular at my dentist.

He gave me ativan to take before each visit, which makes it so the prospect of the needles isn't as bad. The needles still hurt, but my anxiety about them is decreased a bit.

The problem with knocking you out is that I believe it requires a licensed anaesthesiologist, and they make huge bucks, which you will be paying. (It's because anaesthesia is usually the riskiest part of most procedures--it could kill ya if not done right).

r4kk4 said...

i've been reading about your dental visits. i hope that my dentist has an ipod!!

you really have no idea how comforting it's been to hear about others that waited so long between visits to the dentist! there's a certain amount of shame that i've been dealing with, odd as that may seem.

i think i'll ask for the pills, pants! thanks for the suggestion. leff says that proper dentists jiggle your cheek when they're giving you a shot as another distraction. i've never experienced either of these things. (although i think the butcher dentist had a grudge against me from when i kicked him at age 6. stupid bastard.)

Lisa B. said...

My secret for any medical/dental discomfort: wiggle my toes while whatever it it is happening.

My dentist didn't jiggle my cheek, but he tried very hard to be as smooth and gentle as possible with the shots.

r4kk4 said...

i don't know if that'll work or not because i tend to wiggle my toes all the time. particularly my left big toe.

all of my shoes end up with holes where the left big toe is because of the wiggling.

i am *so* weird.