Monday, May 29, 2006

sunday, sunday, sunday

you know, i usually hate sundays. (i could never get into the band a month of sundays because, well, a whole month of sundays?! jesus, no!)

i like thursdays. thursdays have no feel to them. but sundays, oh yeah, i can feel sundays. they feel like pants and humidity. with a bit of a sour stomach thrown in for good measure.

this last sunday though was capital "a" awesome! leff, joe and i went to the international district. we were going to eat at the veggie dim sum place but joe had already been there on friday. AND saturday. (the lady that runs the place recognizes him now and he felt kind of weird about being there three days in a row which is understandable.) so we had tofu sammiches at one of the uwajimaya places instead.

oh, and bubble tea.

my mango bubble tea

joe's green tea bubble tea

and cream cheese buns from yummy house.

we spent a long time in kinokuniya looking at books. (there's a really cool "illegal russian tattoos" book and otama life

and some other crafty books that i'd really like to get my paws on. but i spent all of my remaining "mad money" cash on a plush pink ninja so, you know, no books for me. (isn't that ninja *so* adorable?))

leff went suitably crazy in the ramen aisle at uwajimaya. and in the "fresh" kimchi section. (sadly, i'll never be able to get into kimchi. i hate on sauerkraut too. it's just an anti pickled cabbage thing that i have.)

i got some instant noodles with panda and dog faces!

we hoofed it around the id for a while even though it was gross outside. i finally got a picture of the takohachi sign


and the pagoda.

(but i missed whatever was happening earlier there. too bad really since everyone was wearing lots of red and yellow and it looked really great against the grey of the day.)

i also found these deer with a dead fly


and more ice cream.

ice cream

and we ran in to pink godzilla but didn't buy anything or take any photos.

the same day we hit fred meyer 'cause joe needed a microwave. (he had microwave popcorn but no microwave. made perfect sense to get a microwave to make the popcorn.)

he also got a tiny atari emulator!

joe's new toy

and we played lots of games. and had microwave popcorn.

bad game vids:

leff plays pitfall

joe plays pitfall

leff and joe play pong

joe plays missile command

and i can now say that i've had the best coffee in seattle. it's at vivace in capitol hill, sweets. uptown ain't got nothin' on vivace!

and the end to a captial "a" awesome sunday? robot boy. effing wonderful! it's like "pete and pete" only not as wacky and with more atmosphere. if you can find it, rent it or buy it. and then watch the kitten video in the extras section for good measure.

see, what did i tell you? a non pantsy sunday.

have a great memorial day if that's a thing that you do in your country. if not, hope your monday goes well. me? i've got some tofu pups to eat! and, uh, some things to remember. like, where did i put my staple gun....


Pip said...

wow, you had a totally great day!!!!

i'm with you on the pickled cabbage though - deeeeeeeeee-sgusting!

r4kk4 said...

it was AWESOME!!!! :D!

pickled cabbage is t eh wrong. t eh WAY wrong. leff just eats it 'cause he had lots and lots of kimchi growing up.

also, he'll eat anything that's been pickled. he just finished a jar of pickled onions the other day....


haiku_girl said...

Oh! Next time you are at Uwajimaya look for the little egg shpaed toys and very small plastic house hold items by the fancy chocolate candy. For $2.00 you can have an enite miniturized bathroom set. It ROCKS.

haiku_girl said...

I just looked at your flickr fotos and you are the COOLEST GIRL EVER.

It's nice to meet you! We should be friends!

r4kk4 said...

i ABSOLUTELY will!! thank you for that tip! a mini bathroom?!? SO AWESOME!!! :D!

i just added you as a contact on flickr! YOU'RE the coolest girl EVER! :D!