Sunday, September 03, 2006

bumbershoot day two is a no go...

...because somehow between home and the entry gate, i managed to lose the tickets. ah well, these things happen. (i hardly ever lose tickets and such, so i guess i was overdue.)

still, not all is bad. while retracing my steps trying to find the tickets, i found this little deer magnet.

leff and i have decided to spend this sept 3rd just like we spent last sept 3rd-- eating zeek's pizza and watching "saphire and steel". not too shabby, really.


Anonymous said...

i mean bummmershoot.


r4kk4 said...

hee hee! bummershoot! :D!

it's ok really. leff wasn't mad or anything. i mean, i didn't lose them on purpose.

after i searched the apartment for about two hours, i realized that they were, indeed, gone.

seriously, not that big of a deal. we preordered tix so they were less expensive than day of. and, honestly, we both really needed the rest. esp leff.

and the artwork that we wanted to buy is at a gallery in capitol hill. which is only one bus away from our neighborhood. no biggie.