Monday, October 09, 2006

fearless, cupcakes, dim sum, casanova

sunday was overcast and definately made for the eating of popcorn. (i'm on a popcorn kick lately, if you hadn't noticed.) as such, leff and i decided to skip schmancy and to instead see "fearless" at the bay.

fantastic movie (of course, i heart jet li.) and possibly my favorite movie theatre in seattle after the cinerama. (they had jellyfish lights!)

after the movie, leff was in dire need of coffee and i wanted a cupcake so we walked the five feet to cupcake royale/verite where we purchased two of the three cupcakes for this year's cupcake harvest

(on the left is an apple spice cupcake with maple buttercream icing and behind that is the pumpkin with cream cheese.)

and one of the limited edition sewdorky cupcakes.

i can't believe this is the first sewdorky plush that i've ever purchased. i love the donuts that he makes.

after a call from j, it was decided that dim sum was in order so it was back to the vegetarian bistro!

this time i got photos of the dim sum. apologies for how dark they are but, well, i don't use my flash. ever. i hate using the flash.

anyway, we had deep fried mashed potatoes,

steamed veggie dumplings,

pumpkin cake (which was vaguely pumpkiny with a red bean center. mmm!)

and, everyone's favorite, steamed hum buns.

i honestly don't know why we only order one of those. people almost come to blows over the last steamed hum bun.

we also split an order of schezuan beef and wonton soup. de-freakin-licious!

yes, i went to kinokuniya. no, i didn't buy anything. and, after searching two stores in the id and questioning the guy at international models, it would seem that there are no range murata pinky st figures to be had in seattle. i guess i'll have to order them online.

later that night, leff and i watched the first half of casanova. oooh, it's good! (we'd been waiting to see it for at least a year or so. at least since shed told us about it. thanks, shed!)

now to get back to work. things should be getting back to normal now that the pseudo-in-law is safely back in d.c. where he belongs.


Irregular Shed said...

You're welcome, ducks!

r4kk4 said...

aw, i love it when you call me ducks! :D!

Pip said...

Oh noes! I'd forgotten to post that to you! It's all on CD and in an envelope and everything! bumcakes! I think it must be under a pile of cra^D^D^D work on my desk!

Anonymous said...

You always get the cutest toys EVER! Ran across this sale Deer Ipod Sleeve and thought of ya'. I think if you made one, it would look a better than that one. Just wanted to spread the toy-love! :)

r4kk4 said...

ah, no worries, pipplette! thanks for thinking of us! :D!

you could say "bumcakes" more often! haha!

thanks, colleen! :D! i ordered two more toys yesterday off of etsy.(i'll give you a preview. ;D) i got a cephalopod from beeskneesindustries and an otama from deathbydesign! i can't wait to get those! :D!

that deer ipod cover is ADORABLE! but you're giving me too much credit. i can't sew to save my life. haha! (but thank you! and *blushing!!*)