Friday, October 20, 2006

i return briefly from the dead

hello again. sorry to have not been around. i still haven't managed to shake this damn cold.

i do have photos from my week inside. (the apartment. i've not been in jail, silly person!) actually, here's one from the day that i caught my cold. i was on the way to purchase soup when i met this cute little puppy!

his owner told me that the little guy has a full wardrobe and that he's getting a new coat for winter. hee hee!

ok, so the week of illness? well, i've watched a lot of "matlock". (it goes well with colds.) also i've been doing a lot of the "push down and twist" motion.

and i saw the great yokai war. (really fun!)

i mixed plaid with stripes because i was high on cough syrup

and i saw amy sedaris on "sesame street".

also, "project runway" can go fuck itself.

also, also last night i finally got to see "the corpse bride"! fantastic! that coupled with a large chunk of "mommie dearest" is probably what made me start to feel better.

well, that and all the sleeping.

sorry to post and run but i'm feeling really weak again. plus "matlock" is on. (i never thought i'd type that last sentence.) *cough* *hack* etc


Mare said...

I just wanted to say I've been reading your blog since early September. What really hooked me was the slogrrrrl video with the asskisser gum. (My husband says I'm very easily amused...well what does he know?)
I think I found your blog through another blogroll because I loved the title, "Glitter Pissing."
I wanted to thank you for making me laugh everyday and I hope you feel better soon. (No ulterior motive there-really.)

r4kk4 said...

thanks soooo much, mare!! :D!

here's a secret about the name--it came from a collage that i made a few years ago.

and thanks for the well wishes! i should be better by sunday. i hope. ;D