Thursday, December 21, 2006

the holiday cards are DONE!, leff preps for his trip, cyberman is a pimp

i guess the second windstorm blew through last night. if it did, i was too busy talking to a and leff to notice. (well, it was supposed to be a lot smaller...)

that's all well and good but LOOK!! the freakin' holiday cards are FINALLY finished!!

and by "all of them" i mean those are just my cards. i didn't write any for leff's friends and family because, uh, well, i don't know what to say to them.

anyway to those of you expecting cards, as usual, you'll get them at the end of the month once all the celebrations are over. sorry. every year i promise to be better about sending them on time and every year i fail. oh well.

leff heads out to d.c. tomorrow morning. since he didn't pack last night, tonight will be spastic time instead of santori time but i can live with that so long as he remembers his phone charger today.

LEFF, i hope you're checking your feedreader today because YOU NEED TO BRING YOUR PHONE CHARGER HOME!!

i'll bet you didn't know that cyberman is a pimp.

he is. or he could be a "bimb" if you're on the dyslexic side like me. (seriously, it took me a few tries to spell "pimp" correctly. it is t eh funny!)

and now to wait in line at the post office. er, maybe. i might leave that until wednesday since it doesn't really matter at this point--the cards will be late either way.

*sigh* maybe i should hire a personal assistant next year...


Anonymous said...

You're to be commended on getting all those cards done-what a chore. don't mean to pester you but take a look at my homemade cards that I color xerox and send out... I tried to put up a big enuff pic that people can help themselves to a download.

r4kk4 said...

erm...i wouldn't commend me just yet 'cause i haven't mailed them....heh heh..

but thanks just the same!

i'll TOTALLY check out your cards! how wonderful of you to post them so people could download! you rock, zen!