Friday, December 29, 2006

the id, klondike gold rush museum, pike place, sculpture park, the aerialistas

on thursday, leff and i played tourists. as you regulars know, we do this from time to time and it usually involves the international district at some point.

on the way to uwajimaya for rice vinegar, we learned that love kills heartfools. or maybe it kills heartfoods? if it killed heartworms, that would be awesome and useful.

regardless of what it kills, be wary of love. stickers speak the truth and i don't want you getting hurt.

we made a quick stop by zeitgeist for fuel and also so i could take this really awful stealth photo of the parnell diorama.

it's a terrible photo. you really should just go see this thing for yourself if you're in town. it's up until jan. 3rd, so you still have time.

our main reason for the id trip (besides rice vinegar) was breakfast. sepcifically, "jumpoffs". or in plain english, cream and cream cheese buns.

then i bought some more squid.

the next stop was going to be pike place market for some garlic spread and lunch at piroshky piroshky (it was a day for pastry, what can i say?) but we took a different way back to the bus this time and stumbled upon the kondike gold rush museum!! i mean, who knew?!??!

the museum is on the intimate side but the exhibits cover a great deal of territory. (yukon territory! *bah doom ching!* thank you , cleveland!!)

in all honesty though, it's a great little museum chock full of interactive exhibits including EMBOSSING!!!

this is one of the stamps from seattle. yeah, it's on a d.c. metro pass, it's the only paper that leff had in his wallet.

so to market, to market but not to buy a fat pig.

it was gorgeous outside yesterday, so after lunch, leff and i decided to walk home.

en route, we sidetracked to see how the sculpture park was progressing.

i can't wait until it opens on jan 20th!

later that night, leff and i went for coffee again (hey, i can't live on adrenaline alone.) and decided to swing by the center. ok, I decided that we should go to the center since i hadn't taken a photo of the holiday display yet.

there was a large crowd seated around a stage in the center house. a quick check on the schedule board showed that the aerialistas would be performing at 7.

i have to say, the times and signs at the center are always a bit misleading. we thought that the aerial show would start at 7, there was a band that played for 30 minutes before. a band that neither of us were particularly in the mood to listen to as you can see from this video of leff.

thankfully, leff had uploaded the new xmas "dr. who" onto his ipod

so we watched that while the band played on. (we also saw an adult man sit in a child's seat and break it, but that's another story.)

the aerialistas themselves were pretty fantastic! here are a few blurry shots of their performance.

and a bad video.

pretty damn awesome! now if only someone would start a feminist synchronized swim troupe a la the h2hos i would be living in paradise.

today we won't be doing nearly as many things. leff has to code on his side project and i have my own things to work on.


Anonymous said...

Happy Two Deer Eve,
regarding squids, I posted a "squid whisk" for you to check out. I got one of these for my wife. She likes it to much to use it.

r4kk4 said...

hahah! happy 2 deer, zen!!

oh my goodness!! that squid whisk is fantastic!!