Thursday, December 07, 2006

papier-mâché and a tiny bit of nothing

man oh man, but YAWN! it certainly was difficult to wake up this morning. but now that i have, i can resume work on my silly project. here's a behind the scenes pic:

wow. small papier-mâchéd balloons. how thrilling. but the end result might be good. or i might not use them at all. i'm crazy like that. (*eyeroll*)

nothing else has been going on. i'm trying to convince leff to dye his hair purple but other than that, nothing. so maybe it's best that i stop writing now.


Anonymous said...

Even "nothing" is something in Glitter Pissing Country! Good luck with the papier-mâché!

r4kk4 said...

hee hee! thanks, colleen!!

i think i've scrapped the papier-mâché. but only because i have cats that insist upon yanking down the impromptu clothes line. hahaha!