Friday, May 25, 2007

i turn 34, tup tim thai, dinosaurs from china

happy bday to me. i'm now 34. should i be happy about that? (hahaha! only those that know me in rl know how traumatized i am by being so close to 35. oops. now i guess that you do too.)

anyway, with no time to either plan for or bake a cake this week, i replicated the hostess wedding cake (first photo on the page) with little debbie cupcakes.

pretty tasty. and it's going to take a long time to finish.

poor leff! yesterday he was had some sort of weird illness. maybe it was something he ate? anyway, he started feeling a little better around 2ish so a dropped by and we went to tup tim thai, my favorite thai place in queen anne. i had a thai iced tea and

the garlic prawns (not pictured since i gobbled them up!). leff and i split an order of sticky rice with fresh mango which i also gobbled up. thankfully, there was a photo of it on our table.

i LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURVE sticky rice with mango!! i'm drooling just thinking about it!!

since it was my bday eve, that meant that we got to watch an episode of "a haunting". i lovelovelove this show! and by that i mean, i love the general crappiness and the quickness of homeowners to blame self opening cabinets with bad hinges on ghosts and demons.

we also watched "enter the dragon" ('cause i ♥ ♥ hearts ♥ ♥ bruce lee!) before a had to leave for a bball game. which was too bad really because he missed the fossils at pacsci. (i still have a visitor's pass, a, so any time you'd like to see the fossils, just let me know!)

anyway, colassal fossils is awesome! a bad pano, if you will.

a lot of the dinos are actual fossils and not just casts. i'm not sure if this guy was real or not

but this crichtonsaurus is! (i've been laughing about the name "crichtonsaurus" since i read it.)

these little guys are not much bigger than housecats! and they're related to triceratops! if i were being charged by a herd of them, i would only be able to stand there and "aaaaawwwww!".

in summation, if you're into dinos and in seattle, do the colossal fossils thing. very, very cool.

did i mention that it was sunny yesterday?

right, time to get this bday thing started. i think we're headed to the international district. and, if the log flume is running at the center, i'm *so* riding that today!


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Mare said...

Happy Birthday! Here is the perfect birthday food for you:

(Well, it would be fun even if you didn't actually eat it.)


Santos said...

HAPPPPPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! okay, those little cat like dinosaurs look like they are going to eat you so get away!!!!!

r4kk4 said...

thanks, mare!! AAAAAAAAAAAH!!! i LOVE the octodog maker!! :D!! thanks so much for the link!! :D!!

thank youuuuuuuuuu, chotda!! :D!! EEEP!!! maybe i'll feed them octodogs so they won't eat me and i can pet them in peace! ;D