Friday, November 02, 2007

halloween leftovers, the pipettes

even though the fangs have been washed and put out to dry

i still have some leftover halloween images for you. two, to be precise.

and so ends the last enjoyable part of 2007. i can already feel myself trying to claw and bite my way out of a seasonal depression that isn't being helped by 1) the end of daylight savings 2) the onslaught of thanxmaskwanzikah that has already begun.

my battle plan this year? vitamin d supplements and forcing myself to get out of my apartment. last night i enjoyed my pill with the pipettes!

there's no way to be despondent around these ladies! watch this short clip from "your kisses are wasted on me" and you'll see.

if more mopey singer/songerwriter types would incorporate hand motions into their act a la the pipettes in their acoustic set, i might be able to get behind their assault upon the land.

nah, who am i kidding? all the synchronized movements in the world couldn't get me on that bandwagon. dylan plugged in for reason, kids. (haha! that's making me laugh *so hard!* get off my lawn!! *shaking fist*)


Phil Wilson said...

Most jealous Pip ever.

r4kk4 said...

aw, t eh sads. :(

but i took a tiny movie for you and shed. that counts for something, right?

Phil Wilson said...

Like Bjork says, it was all so quiet! I appreciate it anyway, fangs for the memories!

r4kk4 said...

they *were* kinda' quiet. and i hardly ever talk when i'm filming bands.

you're velcome. mwah-haa-haaa! (that was my best vampire impression.)

Phil Wilson said...

mwah haha! VUN pipette! TVO pipettes! ZREE PIPETTES!! *lightning and thunder*

vampires are cool.

r4kk4 said...

not as cool as werewolves, count. ah-haa-haaa-haaaaaaaaaa.