Friday, August 31, 2007

n's bday, cake stuff

hello there! i'm right in the middle of making a cake

so i have to make this fast.

thurs, leff and i joined m and n at julia's

to celebrate n's bday! after julia's we hit b&o for dessert. i had the chocolate espresso cake. n had a cheesecake, if i remember correctly.

anyway, happy bday again, n! i'm glad that you didn't have to drag out the chainsaw and cut something in half. bwah-haa-haa!!

today a super secret someone is arriving from out of town. in, like, an hour. eeep!! and then sat it's bumbershoot. and i might throw in some square dancing if i have the time. see you monday!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

new swapatorium post, etsy mania, paper odds and sods

yes, that's right! it's time for a new post at the wonderful swapatorium!

read about not one, not two, but count 'em three retro food dishes (ah! ah! ahhhh!) in one article!

i'm in the middle of a making sprenzy! yesterday it was all about putting together these paint your own farting unicorn kits.

the finished result, of course.

if you'd like to paint your own, they're available here!

also, there's a new, very pink happy cat drawing.

seriously, cats will play with anything. and sometimes i feel like peel won't be happy until my skull is rattling around in the floor full of cat nip. er, she's not pink though.

anyway, that's available here.

what else, what else...oh yes! we got our bumbershoot tickets!

yes, there are three. we're expecting someone really awesome to arrive in town on friday. maybe i'll tell you who it is, maybe i won't. let's just say it's gonna' rock!

also, i FINALLY ordered moo cards!

they're exactly as good as i expected them to be!

now though, i gotta dash. there's a ton of stuff that needs to be done before friday. ciao, etc!

Monday, August 27, 2007

two libraries in one day, kitchen makeover

first things first, HAPPY LATE BDAY, SHED!!!!! promise that i'll post you a photo on flickr soon!

now back to our regularly scheduled program.

goddamn but it was one busy weekend, chicklets!

saturday i hit two libraries in less than two hours! first ballard for my held books. that was where i saw this dino and dalek chalk drawing that reminded me of grocstar.

and the the queen anne branch for the grand reopening!

the library fairy was there!

and there were free beads! no exposure required!

the inside has been greatly improved. no more huge honkin' checkout desk in the middle. now things have been moved to the left hand side. you can kinda' see it behind this owl.

did i mention that it was sponsored by starbucks?

after the crush of bibliophiles, leff and i stopped by the new board game store, blue highway games. (sorry, no photos but i promise you that i'll go back. there are some awesome spy games to be bought!)

on the way to the ave, we passed lots of growing things.

after general errandness, leff and i had a lovely dinner at m and n's. bronson was there!

i love bronson. (thanks again for dinner, m and n!!)

sunday, me, leff, m and n headed to renton. those of you who live in seattle know exactly why we went too. yep, ikea. in less than twelve hours our kitchen went from this:

to this:

to this:

but we're not finished yet. (sorry, m. no cursing during construction. just a lot of sighing and breaks to drink iced tea.) i'm just glad that we have a usable space now! (and THANK YOU, n for taking the table off our hands!)

right, i've got to find homes for all of our ikea things. plus, i need to head down to the center today to drop off my needlepoint. that's right! my silly little girly will be in the readymade booth during bumbershoot! if you're at the festival, please stop by and say hello to her!

Friday, August 24, 2007

things that rhyme for $400

leff is on a minivacation for the next two days! hooray! thursday we did two things that rhymed-- yo berry and the ferry.

yo berry for dragonfruit yogurt. mine with blueberries and his (not pictured) with coconut and pineapple.

and since the ferry helps leff to decompress, we headed out to bainbridge. on the way, our ferry was stopped by the coast guard for one of their drills.

leff and i made the best of our time by talking to these ladies who were working on their english skills. (i love taking students' quizzes.)

anyway, coast guard drill aside, it was a gorgeous day to be outside.

i have no idea what we'll do today but i know that i'll have to shake the chemical residue that unisom leaves in my system first.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

maneki necro

you weren't expecting anything in the way of blog posts today, were you? i mean, i just got over being sick on monday (although, truthfully, things still looked a bit like this

the whole day.) and tuesday i spent digging my way through the piles of dirty dishes and used kleenex that had accumulated.

surely, you'll be kind and understand that the only thing that i have to offer is a rough sketch of a maneki necro

that will soon become a small painting for sale on my etsy page, right? 'cause that's really the only thing i've done besides watch "the book group" in its entirety.

in other words, please don't blame me, blame the virus.

Monday, August 20, 2007

pike place centennial

on friday, pike place market turned 100. i didn't think i'd make it because of my whole fear of crowds thing but t dropped by around lunch and said the magic word ("cake") so off i went.

cake always beats crowds kind of like paper beats rock.

and, boy, was it good cake. it was also very plentiful.

t fed hers to the pig. (oops! there's a big hot spot in that photo. you'll just have to trust that there's cake on the plate.)

i also fed mine to the pig. and by pig, i mean me. oink!

we decided to make our lunch truly diabetic. as such, we got donuts from the daily dozen. (warning: music!)

while we were waiting in line we saw a guy with an opossum on his shoulder.

later, as we were leaving, we saw j.p. patches in full clown makeup driving his beamer to the market for his 2 pm performance.

it was that weird of a day.

anyway, happy birthday, pike place market!

now stop celebrating so the vendors can start making money again! (it's true. one of the guys that works at the market told us that they had to send employees home for the week since they weren't making any money because the locals were staying away. (basically, what's good for tourists at the market isn't necessarily good for sales.))

oh wait! before we saw j.p. patches, t and i stopped by the gum wall!


k, it's back to bed for me since i DID catch leff's cold and i now have a fever. so, you know, chew on the above photos (or not. chewing someone else's used gum is, you know, gross. not to mention unsanitary.) and i'll see you wednesday.

Friday, August 17, 2007

flat cats and a deer in the headlights

the parts of my week that have been most time consuming have also been the most boring. so let's skip all those bits and get to the fun stuff. like what i read and watched. and things.

i finished how sassy changed my life. (good read if you were into sassy, btw.) do i need to mention that sassy was a lifeline for me in bum fuck tennessee in pre internet days? nah, i didn't think i'd need to.

anyway, i also read a bit of pretty little mistakes and then remembered why i hate choose your own adventure novels; i'm never given the chance to choose when i really need to. like i'm going to let myself get killed with a shovel handle to the stomach in a drug bus in the middle of europe. right. *eyeroll*

huh, looks like i need a photo break here.

i started the book of air and shadows last night and it's good.

now for watching--"weeds, the last discs of "rod", the brit version of "queer as folk" and "wire in the blood".

no, i haven't been sleeping. how did you guess?

in other news, enamor has posted another lovely papercraft. this time it's a boxie fawn!

geddit? it's a deer in the headlights? yeah, that's bad, i agree.

anyway, you can download your own copy here.

and that's it for today. i think i might be at pike place later on for the big 100 year bash if i don't get too enochlophobic.

loosely translated, that means, don't count on it.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

i'm not sick!

why are you even reading this? i haven't done anything since you were last here.

no, that's a small fib. i didn't catch leff's cold which took a MONUMENTAL effort on my part. but, hold on...that's something that i didn't do.

here are some things that i did do-- i watched "an inconvenient truth" and started reading a biography of agatha christie. and i think i watched "blackpool" but i can't be sure because it might've been a british version of "cop rock" instead.

right, right, pictures. here. i want to go back to sleep.

Monday, August 13, 2007

fireworks and shrinky dinks

saturday night, leff and i attended a party at t and c's apt. in addition to having awesome food and impeccable taste, they also have an amazing view

and "monkeyball".

we were also able to see the fireworks over lake union from their place.

everyone else in town thinks that they were for a wedding reception but i know better. t planned it all! (hee hee!)

sunday was mainly devoted to the shrinking of dinks. ok, technically, it was about using sharpies on number six plastic as directed on this site, but who's counting.

here's a before shot.

and after.

i turned one of the deer pieces into a necklace.

and later in the day i made a hedgehog keychain.

aww! its name should be daisy!

so, in summation, other than the party, i had another uneventful weekend. i'm sure that you've come to expect that sort of thing.