Monday, February 04, 2008

one really full weekend

do you see c below? the one in the crown?

he just turned 30 on friday and he is super king, the best of the three!

happy bday, c! i really like your and b's new place! oh, and all the deer too.

saturday morning on my way to the obama rally (pictures below), i stumbled upon the tet celebration at the center.

ok, no. i didn't really stumble over it because, really, how can you trip over tet? but you get what i mean.

the obama rally had a nice turnout. bonus points: i got there before the local media which means that i wasn't a background figure on the news.

an aside: when my friend e and i were undergrads at umemphis, we were followed around campus by this nutzo cameraguy every time he had to film "campus response" footage. i don't think that we would have had a problem with him if we hadn't been trying to avoid being on television. (we would often either put a folder in front of our faces while we walked past or flip off the camera, etc.)

needless to say, said cameraman found this funny and would often film us when we didn't see him like at the cafeteria, studying outside, you know, public areas. end result? our friends would say to us at least once a week "hey, i saw you on tv again last night. what's up with that?"

anyway, obama pics.

sunday saw leff and me at the sunday swap smackdown that kristen rask and moxie organized!

total fun! i left with some plastic crosstitch material and some aleene's tacky glue.

across the street from the smackdown at an antique shop, a shoney's big boy was calling our name.

sadly, he's not for sale but we did find a nice deco wardrobe that i might have to justify buying.

since we were in solu, we decided to finally ride the slut.

you know, i'm not really understanding the point of it yet. when am i ever in solu?

after a short stop at the market for fish, leff and i walked home. (i'd rather walk back from belltown than have to cross aurora.)

hey, how about a sticker/stamp round up for the weekend?

and, what's that? you want to see what i made for thing a day? ok then. here's fondant sushi,

some superflat cupcakes

and a strawberry pocky eye pillow that's currently chilling in the freezer.

i also squeezed in two hedgehog prints. this is, of course, a hedge row.

at etsy flannel grey, pearl grey.

and, you guessed it, a hedge trimmer.

pearl grey, flannel grey.

as for today, it's laundry and waiting on my book club book to arrive. see you wed!


c said...

Thanks for making it to my 30th. Hope to see you guys again soon.

r4kk4 said...

thanks for inviting us!

maybe you can make it to my 35th. that is unless i'm hiding in a cave and snarling at people to leave me alone. haha!