Friday, March 07, 2008

the reasons i have been (and will continue to be) absent

hey, peeps!

i thought i'd drop by real quick like and explain a few of these "rl things" that are keeping me away. the big deal this week has been my inability to move. like, my legs and torso. yeah, i threw my back out again. super happy fun times esp when you consider that...

we're moving. like, the whole of casa rakkaleff and not just our legs and torsos.

hang on, don't freak out! we're staying in seattle. in fact, we're staying in the same building but are, like the jeffersons, movin' on up to the top floor where there's more room and a semblance of a view.

so what does this mean? you guessed it! posting will continue to be sporadic at best until maybe the middle of april. i'll still be doing the daily thing at suspect and fugitive but they won't be the big projects that i'd hoped to have started by now. sigh... any of you have any spare boxes laying around?


Anonymous said...

Dear Internets:
Please excuse Rakka's absence. She has a valid excuse. Her cat ate her blog. Rakka understands that three consecutive unexcused absences may effect her grade point average, but she is working hard with extra credit projects.


r4kk4 said...

bwah-ha!! as long as it's an excused absence. ;D

Shannon said...

Hope you feel better soon! Throwing your back out is horrible. You cannot do anything least for me. I have found some pretty inventive ways of picking things up though.

Since you are taking time off, roast some of those peeps, YUM! Crispy sugar on the outside gooey mush in the middle. :)

r4kk4 said...

it's getting better, thanks! hopefully it'll be back to normal before we have to vacate this apartment!