Monday, December 29, 2008

a short 2008 recap, the end of xmas, mustache guestbook

so how did 2008 turn out for you, corn pops? for me, it was either complete bullshit or pretty darn cool but nothing in between. for every really good thing (the moderate success of s&f (which, i'll be honest was a *hell* of a lot more successful than i thought it would be),

(royal tennenbalms from that site, btw.)

the obama election, hitting 35 and not caring *too* much about it, becoming an aunt, meeting my adopted cousin and some awesome new friends, etc) there was a directionally proportional shit equivalent. (my first (and, hopefully, last) root canal, having to learn to walk again due to having depth perception for the first time ever, damaging my spine and having to learn how to do EVERYTHING again so as not to damage it any further, sarah palin (ok, these are mostly physical pains. sarah palin included...))

so, yes, i will be glad to see the year go for the most part.

you know what else i was glad to see the back of? all of that snow

and *definitely* the holiday season.

although the xmas pizza was lovely as usual.

i won't bore you with the details as to how i spent my (mostly) snow/homebound holiday. it's enough for you to know that most days it took me 30 minutes to walk the two blocks to physical therapy due to ice/snow/slush. and that the rest of the time was spent watching netflix on the xbox.

oh! and leff and i also started a blog called "mustache guestbook".

simple premise: we have a shawnimals son of mustachio mustache and we're going to photograph everyone who visits our apartment wearing it. so, you know, drop by. the mustache is waiting for you.

happy new year, jitterbugs!

p.s.--laser radiohead is incredible.  you should *totally* go.


bonnie said...

we simply must get together soon so I can don the moustache! maybe I'll bring my mustachio, so we can take portraits of two people (or people with two mustaches!)

r4kk4 said...


or we can take a picture of your mustache wearing our mustache! haha!

Mare said...

I would fly to Seattle just to be able to have my mustache picture taken at Casa Rakkaleff! :)

Happy New Year!

PS-My "word verification" to post this was "underbat." How cool is that? (Like Underdog's cousin or something.)

r4kk4 said...

if you *are* in seattle, we'd love to have you wear the 'stache! :D!

and, holy hell! underbat needs to become a superhero STAT!!