Monday, September 29, 2008

back on wed

the dow's dropping 777 points is making me ill to my stomach. i need to spend some time trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

Friday, September 26, 2008

oh hell, how did it get to be so late in the day?

sorry, kids. as i've mentioned repeatedly, things have been pretty busy around these parts lately. today continues in that vein. well, except for right now while i'm watching calexico unload their bus in front of the moore.

whoo. (they actually are really nice guys. i'm just cranky because it's cloudy.)

anyway, aside from coveting this fox pin at nancy

not a lot has changed since wednesday. i didn't go to the lab choosing to stay home instead and catch "antm" with j, d, s, o and leff.

i was really glad that they sent the moose packing. (i call her moose because she's from a "small town in alaska" not because she resembles a moose. if anything, girlfriend needs a cheeseburger.)

wait, where was i going with this? obviously nowhere. see you monday, i guess. i'll be in possession of lots of new books then as the library sale is this weekend. wheee!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

i'm an aunt!

little p. alexander, my nephew, was newly minted yesterday morning at 8:21 est.

luckily, he didn't inherit my butt nose.

that's really all i've got to write about from the past two days. unless you want to hear about how crazy everyone on 2nd ave was yesterday.

actually, no. i'd rather not talk about that.

tonight is the 360 modern velocity lab. it will be good. i will be there. i will *not* talk about my brother's baby while i am there, i swear. (well, i'll probably mention him in passing but i won't get all baby crazy. (100% fact, leff's mom and everyone else who is wanting me to get knocked up. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!! I WILL NOT GET BABY FEVER!!))

where was i? oh, right. /end

Monday, September 22, 2008

oops, it's monday

sorry about skipping friday, chicklets. things just got busier than i had planned. how about we catch up now?

friday, jessie and i walked down first on our way to the id and checked out some of the parks that were part of international park(ing) day. there were quite a few and they were all wonderful in their own way.

once in the id, we found the future home of the new beard papa's!

now there's no need for me to go to san fran!

we also got some green tea at the panama hotel.

and stopped by unicorn crepes. i cannot WAIT to go back and try something there!

friday night leff and i hit the garage for bowling at the redfin party.

we didn't stay long since leff was exhausted. which was for the best really because we had to go to the soggiest picnic EVAR the next day at steward park.

i was freezing my butt off the whole time. fact: i didn't warm up until about three hours after we got home. (even with a pulse quickening attempt to beat the clock zipcar return. (we made it with two minutes to spare. who knew that it would take almost 45 minute to travel less than four miles on i-5n? thankfully, we caught all of the green lights on 4th ave and made it to the parking space with 2 minutes to spare.))

sunday wasn't quite as exciting but included a trip to top pot for coffee (both for drinking and for packing in my luggage on the 13th).

we also managed to fit in three margaret rutherford "marples", several hours of "tales of vesperia" and part of hitchcock truffaut.

and this week is going to be even busier. see you wed!

Monday, September 15, 2008

still slammed

aside from recovering from the stupid hell cold and working my damn ass off, all i managed to do this weekend was read three books and be here when our octopus project poster arrived.

(by us and them studios)

this week looks to be more of the same (minus getting another octopus project poster). i'm even going back to the dentist (i.e. my second home) to get my crown put in. i'll be all "queen me!", you know, 'cause i'm getting a crown?

never mind.

if i have something to talk about on wed, i'll post. if not (and i'm assuming that's the way it's going to go) i'll do a week recap on friday.

Friday, September 12, 2008

where did the week go?

ok, i know where thursday went at least. i spent the majority of the day filling etsy orders. which, you know, was really awesome and i am SO not complaining!

also, i finished the unipo custom and dropped it off at the gilt edge society.


this weekend is full of things that have to be done. i'm *hoping* that at least one or two of them will give me something to blog about.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

custom show on sat

as i mentioned earlier, i've got a piece in the gilt edge society custom show this saturday.

music will be by pedwin drag king from murder city devils and the get off and there will be customs from joe vollan, soopajdelux, abe lincoln jr, coco howard, hello brute, spencer moody, etc, etc, etc. hope to see you there!

nothing to see here...

sweetmeats, i don't have a lot to write about today. i've been incredibly busy with work things and making travel arrangements (i'm taking a trip back to 1989 but more about that in the upcoming month.) and, as such, have not left the two block radius around my apt.

also, i'm still not used to the new glasses. it's really frustrating.

anyway, here's all that you need to know about the past two days. 1) my dad (and stepmom who is unfortunately out of frame below) were on cnn yesterday!

padre is on the left above obama's shoulder. (they were at the lebanon, va town hall meeting.)

2) racheal maddow's new show is. the. fucking. BOMB!

i heart her so very, very much.

3) i'm almost finished with my custom unipo that's going in the gilt edge munny show.

what? kristen was out of munnys! besides, i like the blank unipos better.

4) leff and i share many years worth of inside jokes. here is one of them.

Monday, September 08, 2008

new glasses + craft magazine issue 8 launch party

so i got my new crazy lensed glasses on friday afternoon.

i'm still getting used to them. my eye doc was right, things look "too real". i don't know how to explain that any better but just try thinking of it as switching from 2d gaming to 3d. that's as close as i can get you to what it's like to go from having little to no depth perception to finally seeing things as they really are.

on sunday, leff and i bussed it to cap hill for the craft magazine issue 08 launch at stitches. leff won a raffle!

my favorite things in are the gocco print from moxie and the button ring from kristen.

as you can tell from these next pics taken at stitches, i'm still not able to take clear "long shot" photos with my glasses on yet.

i'm sure that soon i'll figure it out.

Friday, September 05, 2008


i thought i'd managed to get through the whole summer without a freakin' cold. looks like i was wrong.

this doesn't feel like it's going to take too long to recuperate from so i'll more than likely be back by monday possibly with a picture of my new glasses. hooray!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

third seattleversary, i avoid bumbershoot, chrome is the shit!

today marks the offical date of leff and my third seattleversary. every year, in honor of this auspicious occasion, we eat zeek's pizza

and watch "sapphire and steel". because that's what we did the first day we were in town. you know, after we unloaded the moving van and returned it to uhaul.

so labor day. i spent it avoiding bumbershoot. (although it somehow managed to find us during the stp show. i'd never been able to hear bumbershoot at my apt until this year. hempfest, yes. the 'shoot. no.)

leff and i also cabbed out to green lake for a party but there are no pictures so, for all intents and purposes, it didn't happen.

so, hey fellow windows machine users! are you using chrome? why the fuck not?

it is *awesome*! super fast, incredibly light and wonderful enough to make me want to nominate it for my vp candidate without properly vetting it!

i need to cut this short. i went to the dentist again this morning and i'm still numb. (which makes me cranky and, oddly, high as fuck.) ciao 'til fri.