Monday, July 26, 2010

words, food, paintings and cats (it's always that, isn't it?)

leff was in san fran for part of the week. what this means for you is some seemingly nonsensical imagery. like this:

yes, yes. i too am bored with the "fuck yeah" thing but whatever. i had yarn.

i made leff a banner on his return from ca. look at banner. look at it, michael.

for no reason, i will now post a photo of a white lantern.

and now we move to the food portion of this post. thursday night, l came over for a "murder, she wrote" a thon. we had snacks.

and ended up watching other things besides jessica fletcher.

i eat even more junk food than normal when leff is gone. as evidence, i present these wafer cookies.

god, they were good. so were these three flavors of skyr.

orange creme, key lime pie and strawberry. although, if one of you mentions that it's kinda' like a neapolitan, i will punch you as i had to hear that joke, like, four times while i was waiting in line. i mean, it's not even really a joke. sigh...

i got some sprinkles. first i made a sprinkle bunn.

then i made some fairy bread using cream cheese instead of butter.

what? i saw it in "hey hey it's esther blueburger". it's almost food! (an aside: why is it that the best soundtracks are always from australian movies? please discuss amongst yourselves.)

two more photos and i'm out. i've got research to do. (plus i need to ask glew if it's feasible to wear doc martins in the jungle. i really do!)

here are two of my recent favorites from stupid f--king awesome.

that's still happening, btw.

lastly, here is clouseau being adorable as usual.

i wonder if he knows the answer to the doc martin question.


Brit said...

I love those wafer thingies. I like when their all tangy-sweet, like the strawberry ones. I'm sure that's some kind of deadly chemical, but oh well. Also, your Fuck Yeah yarn looks like silly string.

r4kk4 said...

the strawberry's my favorite too! eh, something's gonna' kill you eventually, might as well taste good, right? ;D

it's really old yarn that's been attacked many times by cats. that could explain the silly stringiness. haha!