Sunday, October 16, 2011

bonus sunday post: jolie's crack brownies

i'm taking a break from watching "being human" (you know that all three series of the uk version are now streaming on netflix, right?) to post photos from the batch of jolie's crack brownies that i made this weekend.

for more detailed info (measurements, etc) click on the above link. otherwise, here are photos of the ingred you will need.

it produces a very thick batter.

i substituted regular grocery store sea salt

instead of going with maldon, himalayan pink or sel gris because i am broke. if you choose to go this route as well, i would suggest not putting the salt on top of the batter

and instead mix it in with the other dry ingredients.

the result is a spectacular brownie. even when they're under baked. (i like my brownies a bit gooey, so what?)

i'll be back tomorrow with regular scheduled posts. hooray!

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