Tuesday, October 18, 2011

bonus tuesday post: candy jack o'lanterns

if you're a long time reader, you know that my inability to purchase a pumpkin in washington state has forced me to find alternatives to pumpkin carving. for the past few years i've been making glass lanterns. in fact, i'm starting work on this year's batch today. still i wanted to try something a little different this halloween.

the idea came to me while i was trying to find my xtra xacto (har har) blades for the aforementioned glass lanterns and saw a bag of mallowcreme pumpkins on my desk. and i said to myself i said, "yahuh! candy jack o'lanterns!"

i will say this for mallowcreme. it may taste like crap but it holds its shape really well.  it's really easy to core even if it gums up a blade.

and compared to a vine grown pumpkin, cleanup is a breeze.

structural integrity is a little compromised after coring so if you decide to make these, go a little easy when you're digging in some faces. (but remember that you can always kinda' smoosh 'em back together as mallowcreme is rather forgiving.)

et voila! lit candy jack o'lanterns. they would work really well placed on top of a string of xmas lights too but guess who couldn't find any of those. yeah, me.

what's that? you wanted a suggestion for your candy corn too? well, don't eat it. i mean, really. we're all dignified adults here. nah, grab a sharpie and a spare couple of minutes and make a candy cornholio.

glass lanterns coming soon!

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Julianna said...

Omg, Cornholio on a Candy Corn.... I'm dying ovah heah. :D