Monday, October 03, 2011

i will never be warm again, new dye job, odds/ends

here's what's really new this week. the deep freeze has returned

(but at least i can tell when my phone is ringing for a change)

and my hair is now purple.

(everything looks so 90s in that photo!)

oh yes! today is also leff's bday.  here are some lemon tarts that we had in honor of his making it through another year.

were you aware, netflix has added a metric shit ton of bbc and itv shows to streaming lately? this does not, however, stop me from watching "sherlock" too much. guess what! we were at this park two weeks ago.

if i'm honest though, it makes me depressed more than anything because i hate being in wa state and not the uk. 

anyway, here's last week's pax painting,

a slide from the freakshow,

a threadjack

and two collages from excheckered.

this week promises to be a busy one so i'm doubting that i'll be as lucky as fuji with her catnaps.

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