Thursday, November 10, 2011

rhyley in seattle, day 2

a bit of housecleaning first. i failed to post this picture of me and rhys at the needle yesterday.

wednesday we took a pass on heading into seattle due to jet lag and general blurghness (read: the clouds came back) and chose instead to do btown tourism.  this, of course, meant the pyrex museum.

also, vintage shopping where we bought leff a tie, i coveted a jockey jacket (that i have never been tiny enough to wear. ever. not even when i was five.) and rhys modeled furniture inappropriate for people taller than 5'3". (jockey colors are visible in the background.)

oh yeah, there were also hats.

but the naval museum had better costumes.

did i mention that we were both really tired? that's why we only managed to hang out at the park by the ferry terminal before heading home and drinking all of the drinks.

today we start working on the "sekrit projekt" for realsies. i mean, if i manage to sober up. (did i mention that it was *all* of the drinks? uuunnnnnngh. (apologies again to leff who had to cope with the ramblings of two drunken southerners. heh. :(

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