Monday, February 28, 2011

work and tea

this state, huh? you don't believe me? check out who passes for royalty in washington.

unrelated to the fug, this week i finished working on my new studio space.

i moved indoors to be near running water. (also because it is cold as fuck in the garage and i'm not expecting to have summer in this hellhole ever again.)

i've been getting lots of work done

and finding old stuff i'd forgotten about like negatives,

old slides

and a drawing or two.

current work wise, i've made a new pax and ak

and tons of new excheckered collages of which the below is only one.

skull diggery drawings are also being produced but the new one won't be posted until tues.

thankfully, since my new space is right next to the kitchen, i can stop for tea/snacks. leff has made this much easier as he brought home supplies on friday.

have some peel and i'll see you next week.

Monday, February 21, 2011

working + gaming weekend

who loves ya, baby? sometimes it's me but mainly it's the all purpose flour.

leff and i are still in the middle of reorganizing casa rakkaleff. it's been pretty fantastic because i'm finding things that i need like stockpiles of sharpies.

it's not been all work around the house though. we decided to have a game weekend which means lots of things like "carcassonne"

and, um, * mumbling*, the "murder, she wrote" game.

excheckered is still steam rolling along. here are two of my favorites from last week.

and skull diggery has started to take a more gelled form in my head.

let's just hope that it gels in abiword soon.

new pax from me will be up shortly until then, check out clouseau and peel being cats and such.

Monday, February 14, 2011

dreary weather and illness

i still have this proto mono disease (it's so passive aggressive that it's bound to have originated in the pacific northwest.) so not much happened outside of casa rakkaleff. i made some valentines. here's a love boat

and some heart boiled eggs. (directions at, via)

they're part of the 15 valentines set that i'll be finishing today.

even though i've been sick, i still have to eat. this week's highlights include generally general tso's chicken (i won't link to the recipe because it didn't work.)

and tacos.

have you ever even had a taco?

work on the plethora of projects continues. here's last week's hysterical (to me) skull diggery entry.

the new post for that site will be up tomorrow.

as for today, here's the freshly posted pax and ak for the week!

i should also be getting back up to speed with excheckered now that breathing isn't wearing me out.

see you next week, chickens!

Monday, February 07, 2011

we had a truck this past week

just as it says in the title, we did, indeed, borrow a truck this week. k kindly lent us his vehicle and we went to a nursery and bought a bunch of local plants,

stocked up our liquor cabinet, made our yearly excursion to target, bought five rain barrels and made a quick trip to lowe's. surprisingly (or not when you realize that i'm still ill with this bullshit fatigue disease) i only have pictures from the nursery trip.

other things from this week: curry chicken

and valentines. the following rabbit is part of etsy's special delivery.

these dalek cookies are part of the 15 valentines series that i'm knocking out for the hell of it.

also for the hell of it, it looks as if i'm doing another daily project with excheckered. well, at least until i run out of old journal pages to edit with a black marker and collage over.

that means that it could take a while. i've got some journals dating back to, oh, 1998? maybe before? that need the black bar and gesso treatment.

pax and ak should be updated by this afternoon. skull diggery by tomorrow. see you here next monday.