Monday, November 28, 2011

thanksgiving leftovers

seeing as this is kind of a wrap up of thanksgiving leftovers, this post is mostly about food. basically, what i was eating when i wasn't eating turkey. so, good good eat spicy

and the tiniest pickle you ever did see.

peel ate kibble and fancy feast and played trust games with leff.

she is the freakiest cat i've ever known.

new posts will be up at excheckered shortly. until then, have a pax painting of a "c horse".

Sunday, November 27, 2011

bonus sunday post: peri peri chicken

you know what happens when two brits mention a foodstuff independently on plus, right? yeah, i remember that i have some of it in the fridge and then look up a recipe.

what was the foodstuff in question, you ask? freakin' peri peri sauce.

were you aware that nando's has restaurants?! i had no idea until the other day. (it makes me feel kind of like a lurker but WHATEVER! if there is spicy food involved, i will fucking lurk until the cows come home. (what a weird mixed metaphor.))

anyway, would you just look at this sauce?

and all of this garlic?!


according to the recipe, the chicken has to marinate for two hours. you know what can be leisurely consumed in that amount of time? yes! two g&ts!

although there is only one pictured above.

after a bit of frying, voilĂ ! peri peri chicken is ready for consumption!

i'm sure it doesn't look right but I DON'T CARE! use the recipe that i linked to! HERE IT IS AGAIN!! so you don't even have to scroll. there are even recipes for two types of peri peri sauce!

seriously, i'm the best person ever for linking to that. you're very welcome.

Friday, November 25, 2011

it's a pippi longstocking friday!

this is the last post where i'll be using turkish delight and treasure hunts* as source material and i've saved the best for last.  it's pippi longstocking*, something something ho ha ha!

turkish delights suggests all kinds of crazy go nuts things to do in regard to pippi like making a giant creme cake and then smashing your face into it all langstrumpf style. buuut, seeing as how yesterday was thanksgiving and i didn't want to eat anything else, i miniaturized the cake.

it's made from two cupcakes that i cut the tops off of and then glued together with blackberry jam before frosting and topping with a cherry.

and leff didn't so much smash his face into the cake as smash the cake into his face.

another baking suggestion was gingersnap hearts. i, of course, didn't have all of the ingredients (do you honestly expect me to be prepared for any contingency at this point?) and had to sub molasses for maple syrup.

also i rolled the dough out on a counter top before cutting out hearts instead of using the floor like pippi would have done because 1) i'm an adult? yes, i'm an adult. 2) no, that's it really. i'm an adult.

even without the maple syrup these were very tasty.

i DID stay true to longstocking form when cracking eggs for pancake batter

but i didn't flip the pancakes so high that they stuck to the ceiling. (see previous gingersnap reasoning.)  fwiw, these were chocolate chip pancakes with blackberry jam. no maple syrup, remember?

since the turkish delights author apparently likes pippi just as much i do, she had some activities listed for the lindgren books.  leff and i considered having a tea party in a tree but it rained 4" in 24 hours here this week and, yeeeeaaah, no way in hell.

i did take the idea of doing circus tricks to heart, however, and cracked out my best one. yay! i'm a contortionist!

ed note:  don't try this at home. i'm a professional at unhinging joints due to a genetic disorder. yay? go me?

monday we'll return to a regular posting schedule until i find a new book to stunt blog. the excitement, she is palatable, non?

*links will take you to amazon. i am an amazon affiliate. should you purchase either pippi longstocking or turkish delight and treasure hunts through these links, i will receive monetary compensation.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

thanksgiving afternoon! *food coma!*

let me give you a tip. if you want to survive thankgiving, it's best not to fuck around with portion control in regard to booze. don't futz about with nice glasses, go for the plastic tumbler.

it will make things easier for everyone. another tip, wait until everyone is sloshed and then tell them that it's a premade holiday.

then get them progressively drunker and start subtracting side dishes from the menu. NO ONE WILL CARE! IT WILL BE A THANKSGIVING MIRACLE!

oh, hell. here's a third tip. if you take a can of this shit

add a jalapeno

and a splash of oj and boil

you will have the greatest cranberry sauce EVAR!

fourth tip:  this is how you make green beans.

seriously, no one gives a shit as long as there is...what's that? yes! wine!! there it is in the background!

and if they do care? kick them the fuck out. ungrateful bastards!

hope your hoildays were as great drunken as mine. now leave me alone. i've got the rest of the afternoon booked on my couch.

thanksgiving morning! *turkey hand drawing!*

it's 7:30 am, pst. are you thankful for something yet?!??!  HAHAH! ha. ha. :( * sobbing *

yes, it's thanksgiving. i will be starting my morning with either a bee sting (ingred:

actual drink:

bee sting recipe AND MORE!)

or a whole bottle of champers with a dash of oj included so i can call it a mimosa. HOW WILL YOU BEGIN YOUR HOLIDAY OF REGRETS FAMILY GOOD TIMES?!? i mean, assuming you're one of my readers in the u.s. if you're not, hey! s'up! how's your thursday going?

i started preparing for the festival of gluttony yesterday. (and i practiced the post meal nap as well 'cause i have a new cartoon wolf pelt blanket! aaaaOOOOooozzzzzz...)

what did i make? macaroni salad. 'cause that's how my etn relatives used to roll on turkey day.

and 'cause i managed to get one of the huge ass cans o'pumpkin (which, LUCKY! as i've heard there's another pumpkin shortage this year.)

i made a pie and a batch of pumpkin muffins.

let's just look at those muffins again. want the recipe? fliddow!!

i'll post another update later today because i know you're probably all tired of doing tech support for the olds and trying to avoid your siblings' children. (they're so cute for, like, five minutes aren't they?) until then, i've got to unburrito from my blanket (noooo!) and get crackin' on jalapeno orange cranberry sauce, stuffing, green beans not in casserole form, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole and turkey.

or maybe i'll just make some coffee, start working on that bottle of champers and let leff cook. heh heh. aaaaOOOOOooo!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

heidi style toasted cheese

it's still a holiday week in the u.s. which means it's time for another installment of kidlit stunt blogging from turkish delight and treasure hunts*.

as promised in the last post, today i'm getting all heidi * on your ass. although, wow. how would that even work?? NO, I DON'T WANT TO KNOW!

what?  oh, right. so there's this part in heidi where her grandfather makes her toasted cheese over a fire that they then consume on bread. does that not sound delicious?!? thankfully, we at casa rakkaleff have a backlog of hardwood so making a fire was no big deal.

no seriously. that is a backlog. (third definition, go for it.)

in case you weren't aware, building a fire is lots of fun for the whole (blurry) family.

not much else is required for this "recipe" other than cheese and some sort of stick implement on which to place said cheese.

it is easy peasy. easy cheesey?

except maybe use longer stick things so you don't burn yourself.

(did you hear me laugh in this video after leff singed himself? yeah, guess who had been drinking.... *clearing throat*)

i cannot tell you how wonderful slightly burnt and melty cheddar cheese on crusty bread tastes. it. is. heaven. do yourself a favor and make this sometime!

maybe don't bother with s'mores though unless you happen to have left over halloween candy. pro tip: you can use saltines and it doesn't matter because s'mores are basically hideousness incarnate.

i can't stop myself though. any time there is a fire and some marshmallows, i have to toast them. (i used to be a camp counselor. old habits die hard?)

also, as i mentioned earlier, i had been drinking. and, uh, i like fire when i've been drinking.

but i apparently don't like it enough to melt chocolate. *shrug* that's what microwaves are for.

next time on kidlit stunt blogging: pippi longstocking? pippi longstocking. but there will be a thanksgiving related post before the langstrumpf shows up.

*links will take you to amazon. i am an amazon affiliate. should you purchase either heidi or turkish delight and treasure hunts through these links, i will receive monetary compensation.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

paddington bear's favorite marmalade buns

oh, look. it's thanksgiving week.

if you despise this time of year as much as i do, you might appreciate the fact that i'm being nice and, unlike other bloggers who are on abbreviated schedules this week, giving you some stunt posts to read over the holidays. maybe read them when you get the urge to strangle that one uncle? you know the one. oh, and your brother's new wife. god.

maybe these posts will help? erm, maybe not. 'cause i'm using turkish delight and treasure hunts: delightful treats and games from classic children's booksas my source.

i'll be honest with you. this book does have some nice ideas but, jesus christ, is it twee. i felt as if i should wear a romper, listen to feist and post bad op art on a tumblr as a prerequisite to reading. if you can deal with this...issue...then, by all means, proceed.  there are good recipes to be had.

recipes like paddington bear's* favorite marmalade buns! these are the ingredients you will need.

not required but fun, food dye.

slightly off topic, i have decided to start referring to cooling baked goods as being "chill".

ha. no i haven't. that would be incredibly stupid and not nearly precious enough.

anyway, great recipe! particularly if you use a good quality marmalade. (the kind i used is from the uk. ooooh, fancy. it's also shredless but that's because he's in wales. *ba doom ching*. (ugh.))

if you happen to have any buns left over, they fit quite nicely into a little bear from peru's suitcase right alongside his leftover bacon.

tomorrow on kidlit stunt blogging:  i'll tackle something from heidi. yes, heidi.

*links will take you to amazon. i am an amazon affiliate. should you purchase either turkish delight and treasure hunts or a bear called paddington through these links, i will receive monetary compensation.

Monday, November 21, 2011

lots of generalities

to infinity and beyond?

erm, not quite. i've been trying to stay all happy up

since rhys has left but i'll be honest. no amount or variety of persimmon

is really gonna' help as i'm STILL mega depressed about everyone i give a shit about living so far away. star crunch!!

in happier news, i had an everything bagel with lox for lunch the other day.

and i located a roasting pan which i carried through all of downtown seattle on saturday.

also, i own ALL OF THE TURKEYS!!

don't even try to get one.

dvd wise, it's been a lot of ealing up in here in addition to the completion of the first season of the new "rooby" and "adventure time".

will i occupy nutcracker?

i gesso.

continuing on tumblr, although why i still use that piece of shit site i'll never know, is pax

and excheckered.

i've also started a new series of insanely small paintings

which may or may not be available in my shop the day after thanksgiving. stay tuned?

bonus posts coming up all this week so make sure to drop by! new stunt blogs! woo!