Monday, September 24, 2012

here are some pictures...

...from last week. sorry, no time for descriptions. the post is funnier without them anyway.

Monday, September 17, 2012

orange you glad

things have been very warmly hued here lately. at least that's how things seemed to my pumpkinhead.

omg mycock is on fire!

you cannot get enough of mycock, admit it.

have i mentioned that i feel like i've been stuck in the 70's?

i hated the 70's the first time (and i barely remember them). it's not making me crazy happy now.

here's hoping next week will not be so orange/brown/red/yellow.

Monday, September 10, 2012

soup, a small outing and more lanterns

hi! hello! guess what! i like warhol. i also like soup!  so you would not be surprised that i almost flipped out when leff bought me the entire set of the warhol soups that target had on sale this last week. aren't they splendid?

here're the backs. they all have different quotes.

i have been wanting a set of these since i saw these in the moma gift shop, you know? NOW THEY ARE MIIIINE!!

also mine is this extremely back issue of granta that i found out about through the lovely and wonderful dove grey reader site.

for some reason i stopped reading granta a beellion years ago. i might have to start picking up current copies when spare cash allows because, man, i had forgotten how enjoyable they are.

also incredibly enjoyable is "beasts". if you read this blog, you KNOW how much i love this movie. i was really glad when it opened in b'ton this week so i could see it again with leff.

it's even better the second time. you HAVE seen this movie, right? if not, what are you waiting for?! GO! NOW! i will wait.

after the movie leff and i tried a new taqueria that recently opened in town. delicious! four tacos for 5 bucks! also fresh horchata!!

another delicious thing? this modified ottolenghi dish that leff made. i want to eat the corn salad every day.

but let's move on to things that i made this week. here is a mycock cookie made simply so that leff's coworkers would be eating mycock.

that is, of course, a picture of mycock and balls.

i was not entirely puerile this week, however. i did make some batterseasonal things

like a friend lantern!

and also one of the pengin variety.

aw, clouseau bunny ears.

til next week!

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

oh riiiight

YESTERDAY was monday. it was also a holiday state side so, whatever, here is your weekly post today. labor day weekend was pretty much this:

i sang my pimm's song every time i made a new drink but that is not new. i ALWAYS sing my pimm's song when i drink anything made with the stuff. (sometimes i sing it so quietly that you do not hear me BUT I AM SINGING IT!)

the rest of the hols were about carving halloween lanterns. YES IT IS TOO EARLY FOR THIS but i will be gone for a good portion of october so shut up, k?

here you will see malcolm tucker,


and jake and finn.

and that's that. well, ok, i watched some of "green wing" and then some dinosaur shows on mute but this is fairly normal behavior round these parts.