Monday, January 22, 2007

the olympic sculpture park and the seattle aquarium

before i start writing about art and fish, here's a photo that j requested.

isn't it cool and crafty how he uses orange peels to keep his car smelling fresh and citrusy? yes! i agree! (hee hee!)

right, on sunday we FINALLY made it to the sculpture park. i was, like, OMG!

we're finally going! ok, i'm lying. i wasn't jumping around in excitement but i was looking forward to seeing the finished park.

sam had lots of fun activities on sun including ice sculpting

and an art camel.

i missed the free umbrella giveaway though. dammit.

but i did get to see the new serra!

it was pretty awesome but i can understand how disruptive his sculptures could be in a confined space. (read about the "tilted arc" controversy in nyc's federal plaza if you're interested.)

also at the park was a metal nevelson. it was the first free standing version of her work that i'd ever seen in person. i'm more familiar with her wooden works like this one.

i love that photo 'cause it kinda' looks like we know the kid in the blue coat. we don't.

ah! the iconic calder!

and michael mccafferty (?? i'm sorry if i got his name wrong!) wearing a joseph beuys inspired straw suit!! how awesome!

(mr. mccafferty was responsible for the placement of the sculpture in the park (at least i think that's what his role in the project was.) and i believe that he is now one of my favorite people in seattle!)

there was one blight on the park, however, and that is, of course, the copyright on the oldenburg.

remind anyone of the stink in chicago's millenium park with anish kapoor's cloud gate (a.k.a. "the bean")? yeah, copyright in public space is bullshit. so here's a photo.

oh, and fuck you, oldenburg.

ahem. moving on. there is a *lovely* bourgeois sculpture. here are two views.

it changes at the hour and the father and the son can never see each other eye to eye. when i'd first read about this work, i had the misconception that somehow hydraulic lifts would be used. i'm *so* glad that it's not the case.

mcmakin's "love and loss" is not yet completed

but it'll be great when spring arrives. as it is, it provides a fun iconic picture. you know, needle & eagle.

har to the freakin' har.

and that, chicken tenders, was the sculpture park. there's a lot more to see but it was capital crowded yesterday and leff and i wanted to visit the aquarium while we still had energy.

guess who was there? a sea otter!!

and a harbor seal!

the aquarium is a little smaller than i had expected but it was well designed and a large part of it was open air! plus it had a cool rotunda type tank.

that's where this fish

and the diver

were located.

aside from the tidal pool

my favorite part was, of course, the octopus section. they're so friendly that you can shake their tentacles!

ok, not really, that octopus is plastic, but you can see the real octopus' tentacles.

and they're FAST!!!

the jellies were also awesome. some kick ass photos of leff's. (actually, most of the photos today are leff's. he was carrying the camera yesterday.)

i've loved jellies since i lived in baltimore. i used to visit them at the pier in fell's point.

there was also a play area with squid.

i heart squid. and felt. felt and squid together was just...awesome.

ok, this post has gone on long enough and i need to see how leffstar is doing. he's got a flu type thing, poor guy. anyway, i'll leave you with a photo of sex changing fish.

dude! sex changing fish!!

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