Monday, December 17, 2007

the lost wii-kend plus what i've been up to for the past week or so

hello there! yeah, i'm still sick (will this cold EVER go away!?!) but i had to write about this:

hell yeah! leff and i finally got a wii!!! due to this effing cold, i've been playing while sitting down so i have weirdly strained muscles this morning. (like, in my armpit. (i know!) but that's what happens when you bowl while seated.)

maybe it's because we're sick but leff and i are *totally* into the weather and news channels on the wii. (it's something to look at while feverish.)

so now for the catching up bit. i went to the moore theater 100 anniversary bash last week.

i only stayed long enough to grab a couple of starbucks samples because it was uncomfortably crowded. (plus the pacing of the act on stage was kinda' "lake wobegon days" and i was more, oh, i don't know, um... "fear and loathing" at that point. (minus the drugs.)(which, i know, defeats the purpose of that book, but there we are.))

also quite sedate was the arrival of our holiday cards. (fred flare, of course.)

surprisingly enough, i've actually mailed a few of them already instead of waiting for arbor day 2008.

more deer arrived from shop 66.

i now have a plastic herd that would rival a real one in yellowstone.

friday night was leff's office party. there were aerialists.

although they were not blurry in rl. the exceptionally bad quality of that photo was due to to following: the cold, several beers on an almost empty stomach, a few zinc chewables and ibuprofen. quite a combo.

the aranzi aronzo plush isn't for sale at schmancy, so i let these two adorable people take a photo of themselves with it.

so cute!

also at schmancy, the new "up until now" show. please drop by and check out all the awesome new artwork!

the only other thing to mention is our copious consumption of takeout lately.

you know how it goes when you can't shake a cold. who the hell wants to do dishes, let alone cook?

ok, back to bed for me. *cough hack etc*


Phil Wilson said...

I really enjoy the Everybody Votes channel!

r4kk4 said...

oh! i love that too!

i also enjoy watching mii parades. exactly why, i'll never fully comprehend.