Monday, May 26, 2008

caution: a billion photos! proceed at your own risk!

this was a big weekend for me. no really, it was! i'm being serious for a change. i mean, jesus, i turned 35 (which is a decade longer than i expected to be around). thankfully, i had no time left for maudlin introspection due to sprinkles

and "twin peaks"! do you SEE my "twin peaks" bday cake!? it's made of donuts and has a log candle!

the log hasn't imparted any secrets to me yet. which, you know, fine. people already think i'm strange enough as it is.

we'll get back to "peaks" in a moment. i need to thank some people. first up, leff for not only making the awesome cake above but for these two kick ass books!

murakami and japanese graffiti! my bf is *so* the greatest in the world!

even more thanks to slogrl who got me a whole freakin' oldenberg!

i haven't picked it up yet though.

even more more thanks to c for the cuuute ugly doll and the foresight to bring me a towel so i'll always be prepared!

and, not pictured (yet), thanks to c and b for the gift certificate to bailey coy! i can't WAIT to pick up some books!

seriously, everyone, THANK YOU!!! presents were not required but i love them and more importantly all of you! you're so awesome!

continuing in the vein of awesome, let's get back to "twin peaks". leff, you may have heard, is the most incredible bf in the world. (you didn't hear? please refer to just under the murakami/rackgaki photo.)

just why is he so incredible and/or great? he arranged for us to have a mini cooper

to take on a "twin peaks" sightseeing tour! he piloted the agent to twede's (aka the double r) in north bend!

a small related aside, this whole week i've been making twin peaks fugitives for s&f. fugitives like the catalog lady

and laura palmer.

while at twede's i had the damn fine cup of coffee and a slice of cherry pie

which, i'm sure you're not surprised to learn, i used to make an agent cooper fugitive.

i love it when a plan comes together.

back to the "peaks" tourism. after pie and breakfast (not in that order) we headed to snoqualmie for the falls. it was very misty

but i could still see the great northern hotel (aka the salish lodge).

leff has better photos as usual. (he has more patience than me.)

when we drove through snoqualmie, we passed the railroad museum. guess what was there? cars that looked similar to where laura palmer was killed!

creepy, huh?

also, the giant log from the opening titles!

or possibly a relative of that giant log from the opening titles. i don't know for sure.

the whole weekend wasn't just "peaks" related though. saturday was quite sunny and, as such, was made for walking around and taking pics.

have i mentioned that i have a wicked sunburn? i do. and i'm, perversely, loving every minute of it just like loverboy. mainly because it reminds me that we had sun for a while.

right, today is biz-ay so i best hop in the shower. see you wed!


JeffMartin said...

Major Happy Birthday goes out to you....I'm jealous of your outing!

r4kk4 said...

thanks so much!

you should totally do the peaks thing if you're ever in the seattle area. this site is invaluable for finding locations!