Wednesday, May 31, 2006

thanks, perverts!

aw, perverts! i love you! you make my web site stats spike. i'm sorry that there's not any flesh attached to the "live! (no) nude girls!" post. and, yes, i know that the name "glitter pissing" might make some think there might be, well, pissing involved. again, sorry.

but thanks for stopping by!

spelling b*e*e, insane tokyo apts, exclamatory bunny, summer burn, alpha? say it ain't so!, safeway again

the national spelling bee snuck up on me again this year. i had no idea that it started today and that, for the first time ever, the finals are being broadcast in prime time.

i love the bee. mock me if you will, but me and the bee are tight. i'll be watching it tomorrow.

i've been researching design in small spaces lately and stumbled upon this apartment block in tokyo. (and here i was thinking that the casa mila, la pedrera in barcelona was t eh bomb to end all bombs.)

the reversible destiny lofts look like their prototype was made from plastic toys AND they have challenging physical spaces. totally cool. i want to live there. very badly.

i drew an exclamatory bunny with braces.


and i'm in the middle of my new summer burn mix. (note: if i still owe you a winter burn mix (hello, michael and al! and bean! (i owe you another cd since yours broke!) i will send you the winter AND summer burns with no need for you to reciprocate. just, you know, thanks for being so patient.)

i'm keeping this cd trade small but if you reeeeeeaaaally have to have a copy of this burn, get in contact with me through the normal channels and i'll see what i can do.

there's a rumor that the super secret site just might possibly being going alpha today at 2:36 p.m (pst). at least that's what a little bird (whose name happens to be leff) told me last night. why 2:36 p.m. (pst)? the answer to that is "why not?".

they're funny at the super secret site. tres droll. heh heh.

but now i have to run to safeway. again. i've really got to stop using that store as pantry storage.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

folklife, burnt's rockin' card!, i get ready to wake and bake

i lied. i went to folklife yesterday. it was very crowded and smelled of hippies and mud. (a bit like the original woodstock, i would imagine.)

here's some really awful video of kaze daiko doing the taiko drum thing.

personally, i like those vids 'cause everything is happening behind the stools. (ok, really it's just funny 'cause i didn't want to battle dancing hippies to get to a spot where i could take a better video. 'cause believe me. the hippies. they were dancing. they're always dancing.)

and so, having experienced folklife for 30 minutes, i will never attend again.

(kaze daiko was cool though.)

OH!! i didn't mention that i got a REAAAAAALLLLY awesome card from burnt!! (THANK YOU, BURNT!!!!)(i would scan and post it, but i'm not sure if it's ok. and i haven't asked ms. tortilla yet. *hangs head in shame*)

right, this week is FINALLY the bday party, saturday to be precise. so it's cake time. also, i'm making chimichangas, quesadillas, guacamole and cupcakes. but not guacamole cupcakes. yuck.

i'll probably post the finished cake's photo here on sat morning. don't hate me if i post it later that day, ok?

oh hey! while you're here! do you happen to have a good drink recipe that goes well with mexican food? also, can it be made in a large quantities? (cause i don't want to bartend all night. i've got games to play!)

i'm all for making a huge batch of margaritas (and having limes on hand for when i decide to shoot tequila. because, believe you me, i will. bet on it.) but i believe there are some people that don't like tequila. (d? any suggestions? can you drink vodka? leff doesn't want margaritas either.)

thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Monday, May 29, 2006

ramen with pandas for breakfast

here's what the aforementioned panda ramen looks like when it's ready to eat.

ramen with panda heads

Sunday, May 28, 2006

i super heart vaguely artistic!, clouseau is a chirpy cat, odd new drawings, no folklife, i damaged myself again

oh my freakin' god! i can't believe that i haven't posted a photo of this until this morning (it arrived in the mail yesterday.)




thank you SOOOOOOOOOOO much, va!!! you ROCK!!!

that package has been the super highlight of my weekend. (and WHAT a highlight! WOW!!!) other things have included getting a really bad video of clouseau chirping at some birds,

(if i'd gotten closer, he would've stopped the chirping. so you're stuck with crappy vid. *sigh*)

and a few new character sketches for a series of paintings i'm hoping to start soon. i give you "ninja deer"

and "panda + bamboo"

they're both sharpie drawings and are available at etsy here and here.

more coming soon.

i guess i should mention that i haven't made it to folklife like i said i would. it's been really gross out (rain. rain. cold. ick.) and i keep falling asleep and/or watching "the goonies" instead. although i did hear some hippie on the bus mention that he was going to go to the drum circle there so he could "pray to the pot gods" for more weed.

you go, hippie dude. play those drums in that circle. play for your life!

k, this typing is getting painful. i managed to fuck up my right thumb and it's made my whole arm hurt up to my elbow so no more typing for me. i leave you with this riddle.

discard before using

don't even THINK about using it first.

Friday, May 26, 2006

princess leia, folklife, game on, cat ears, super secret gossip

blargh! too many pink cookies! *sugar coma!*

snoopy is princess leia

today folklife starts. if i didn't happen to live in the neighborhood, i probably wouldn't go. but i do. so i am. there might be movies if i find anything as interesting as dancing horchata. (which, considering how dull dancing horchata is, means there will probably be movies.)

also today, game on starts at pacsci. i'm going to try reeeeeeeaaaally hard not to just "accidentally" pay an admission fee and *whoops!* just happen to find myself inside because i promised i'd wait.

but it's so tempting.

i finally got a pic of the cat at lucky 7 yesterday!

purple eared kitty

his little ear hairs are always dyed a different color. the last time i was there, they were pink. yesterday they were purple. i love that little cat!

oh! oh ho! i have some news about the super secret site that i can KIND OF mention here. well, ok, not really. but i can say that an obstacle that had been causing many, many troubles is now out of the way. leff is happy. i'm happy that leff is happy. leff is happy that i'm happy that he's happy. and there continues to be much rejoicing.

alas, it's now time for me to tear myself away from the compy. my mousing thumb is being all hurty from all the mousing i've done lately and i need to give it a rest.

i'm such a geek.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

dancing horchata

i had my bday horchata and it was rockin' out!

bday update!

yeah, i know, you're bored with the bday stuff. well, tough. because there's more!

ok, so in seattle, i had ice cream

ice cream!

went to the fun forest to play ms pac man

i answer the siren call of ms. pac-man

(and i had a *total* middle school flashback. after i'd killed poor ms. pac man (at least she ate some fruit first!) and was exiting stage left, some middle schoolers checked me out. HAHAHA!! (that was the flashback part. dealing with middle school aged boys' hormones.) i felt like some weird perv-o and i wanted to say "i'm old enough to be your mother, kids!" HAHAHA!)

anyway, i briefly debated going to the doubletake exhibit since i was already at the center but decided against it opting for easy street instead. (no takako minekawa cds. i did not pass go. i did not collect $200 (usd).)

i DID score at twice told tales though! a yoshimoto AND a murakami book!

more bday goodies!

(the sushi was sold separately and at another store.)

i also got to talk to the cashier guy about gbv (i was wearing my gbv shirt) which is always fun because i LOVE being able to work the words "cock rock stance" into my day.

right, all of that is well and good but it's not the coolest part. AUNT NANNY AND BUNCHOFPANTS THREW ME A PARTY IN NORTH CAROLINA!!

here are photos!

they even sent virtual presents!!

i love nanny and pants! (pants original photos, nanny original photos>


how. fucking. AWESOME!! i love crystl too!

original crystl photos here.

wow! i'm the luckiest girl alive! and now i'm going to eat my sushi!

happy birthday to me!

yes, the actual day is occuring as i type. (it had to happen sometime during bday week, didn't it?)

i have to share the most incredible things with you this morning, tender vittles! first off, AINE CROCHETED ME AN OTAMA!!! OMG!!!

(original here)

HOW AWESOME!!#!#!$$!#%!%!%

here he is close up!

(original here)

all i can say to express my excitement over this is ONE!!! ONE1!!!1!! ONE!!! and that's woefully inadequate! (seriously though, THANK YOU *SO* MUCH, AINE!! *HUGS, KISSES AND ETSY LOVE!!*)

also incredibly awesome is this FLASH ANIMATION FROM T EH SHED!!

(image here.)

click here to see the animation!!!

THANK YOU *SOOO* MUCH, T EH SHED!!! that animation is T EH R0XX0R!!!!!

and al sent me bday greetings from sparks!

(original here)

HAHAH! thanks so much, al!

wow!! all of this coolness is making me tired! HAHHA!! i guess i should go eat breakfast.

i'm having this for breakfast too!

oh wait! i forgot to mention that joe took us out for bday dinner last night at gorditos! afterwards we went to gasworks park

gasworks park

the works close up

joe and leff

and then we went to safeway for the ice cream in the photo above and beer. (somehow, eating too much food and wandering around gasworks made us all feel stoned. weird but cheaper than drugs. HAHAH!)

joe writes

(that's joe wishing me a happy birthday backwards in the freezer section.)

ok, that's all for this morning. my phone just texted me happy birthday

phoney bday greetings!

and said that i only have an hour to get everything done. (mean phone!) plus, ms. pac man is singing her siren call and i'm pretty much helpless to resist.

thanks everyone for making this such a great bday week! you guys rock!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

takako minekawa, seattle taco trucks, buttrock suites,

i love takako minekawa but i didn't find out that she was the person that said "play*sta*tion" in the sony ads until i read the wikipedia article linked to above.

here's a handy link from not martha, a rather comprehensive guide to seattle taco trucks.

also very much seattle is buttrock suites. i've missed their last two shows but i'm going to the next one come hell or high water.

oh yeah, here's today's bday week foodstuff.

mmmmmmm! chocolatey beer!

hello people from swapatorium!, crushing on david tennant (again), an allusion to a fawn, gum gum fun, the center and the pillows

first things first-- hello everyone that's gotten here from swapatorium! thanks from stopping by! it's very nice to see you! (and very big thanks to swappy for the link!)

now back to the program. after a night of less than 4 hours worth of sleep, it's nice to have such a stupendous morning! par example, leff had changed the david tennant desktop from this to this. (we're both in love with david tennant, you see. leff has a wicked boy crush the likes of which i've not seen him have in quite a while. and, well, you know that dt = preoooow in my book, right?)

also a source of much joy, aliceofkansas sent me an AWESOME photo of a new born baby fawn that she met last night! i would post it because it's really cool but i haven't asked her if i can. so you'll just have to take my word for it, the photo is TOO CUTE FOR WORDS! (now go buy something from her shop, please! because her work rocks!)

additionally, i plunked down $16 (including shipping) at gum gum pins 'n stickers (link via kotaku) INCLUDING a rakka (from haibane renmei) sticker and pin. (please don't hate me because i'm geeky.)

last night leff and i grabbed some coffee and sat at the seattle center fountain.

i love the fountain. it's really cheesy and touristy but i don't care. it's a great spot to people watch plus there's music. and i love it when the fountain does its programmed routine to "evenflo" because, well, it's just funny. (water? flo? geddit? oh, never mind...)

and while perusing you tube last night, i came across this vid of the pillows live in seattle.

(originally here.)

and what entry would be complete without a photo of sugary goodness for birthday week?

raspberry chocolate awesomeness!

that, my dears, is a hunk of raspberry chocolate awesomeness that leff and i shared last night! deeeee-licious!

but now i have to see if i've set up gtalk correctly with my mic. smell you later!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

bday week continues, the viking, raspberries

hey, hey! more bday greetings! this time from big al!

(original here)

today espn2 was showing the viking ulimate obstacle course again. there's really no good link available with images, sorry. and, well, i can't really explain WHY you should care about an obstacle course set on a giant boat in tokyo bay but you should. i'll tell you this-- watching it is as thrilling to me as when i first saw "iron chef" in 1999 on food network at 1 a.m.

you know, back when "iron chef" wasn't bastardized into "iron chef america". *sigh...*

seriously though, catch "the viking" if you can. it's awesemo in a can. with whipped cream on top.

speaking of food stuffs (mmmm, whipped cream...*homer simpson type drooling*) leff and i switched our produce shipment to the "mostly fruit" box and inside today's delivery was a container of raspberries.

holy. freakin. hell! i don't think i've ever eaten raspberries that tasty! it took a monumental amount of will power to leave some for leff. here's luther wearing one as a hat.

tastiest headgear EVAR!!

unexpected cash, "theme hospital", virtual bday presents

yesterday, i came into a small amount of cash that i wasn't expecting. (no, i didn't find it on the street or anything like that. and if i had, i wouldn't have been happy AT ALL because when that happens, it makes me sick to my stomach with ethical dilemmas and/or wondering if i'm on "candid camera". whole other kettle of fish.)

right, so a small amount of cash! i know that i should be responsible and put it into savings buuuut....i think no. i think i'm going to get these sunglasses (because i've always loved lolita. har har.) and maybe this pin.

and then a gameboy bundled with "animal crossing wild world" and an armchair from ikea. because we need more seating before we throw the party.

in bday news, michael, hazel and archie (the most talented trio of people to live in one place!) sent a copy of "theme hospital" for my bday!


THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!! i can't wait to play the game! ("bloaty head"! eeeeh!!) and the card makes me laugh every time i look at it! (esp the viking dog and the fact that i really AM 12! HAHAHAH!!)

and i've gotten lots and lots of virtual bday presents! like these playmobil pandas from groc!


and bday greetings from nanny

(original here)

and pants

(orignal photo here)

i can't stop laughing! (and nanny is *so* cute!)

that's all for now, sugar gliders. i'm sure i'll post something even more banal later this afternoon.

Monday, May 22, 2006

fry. really fast.

leff and i are practicing wario ware in preparation for the mario party. here he is fying. really quickly.

sheer insane strobey-ness.

holmes, cake, periods, "law and order: ci"

it's sir arthur conan doyle's birthday! have some cake, you sleuth master, you!

chocolate cake with raspberry mousse and white chocolate shavings

(disclaimer: i realize that 1) sir arthur conan doyle is no longer living. 2) cake cannot be eaten when it is a jpg.)

here's an odd subject to follow cake! while waiting for my test subject to show up today, i read an article in the pi about how menstruation can be considered obsolete due to new contraceptive pills. (yes, even newer than seasonale.)

to this i shout a barbaric yawp, sing hallelujahs, give amens (even though i don't believe in either hallelujahs or amens) and do the safety dance because, sister, i haven't seen the need for periods since i decided that i wasn't birthin' no babies. sign me up for the new pill when it comes out!

switching gears yet again, does anyone know what kind of crack the producers of "law and order" put into their shows? because, i'm telling you, i didn't need to waste five hours of my sunday watching "law and order: ci", i really didn't. but i couldn't stop.

and now it's nap time because the rain, rain, rain is coming down, down, down and that always equals sleep in my book.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

cupcakes, beaches, mullets, oh my!

yesterday? *so* much fun!

well, ok, not all of it. the first part of my day was spent at work where the computers refuse to work. ever. (maybe we should call the geek squad. *giggling*)

but there were cupcakes. i ate one.


and then i met joe and leff at royale where i ate another one.

baby cake


two cupcakes in one day is pretty much perfection to me. but joe took us to golden gardens in ballad (thanks, d!) with, get this, sandy beaches!!


i keep forgetting that i live in the puget sound area, so every time i see beaches or water or mountains i keep thinking that i'm on vacation. which rocks. furthering this illusion is the smell of vacation (i.e.--salt water, seaweed and dead marine animals) all around town. so much rocking, putt-putts!

anyway, at the park in ballard you can have a bonfire (!!!) in a designated pit. a bonfire (!!!). i heart seattle. in fact, i'll fight you for her.

we had to leave the park earlier than we would have liked because joe had to go to work. but before we left ballard, we dropped by archie mcphee. where i got this photo of joe wearing a wig in their photo booth.

joe's new hair

*weeping from laughter!*

anyway, a day like that needed ice cream. so, of course, there was ice cream.

luther sized ice cream

tiny, individual sized portions of ben and jerry's. who knew?

i topped the entire sheebang off with a few chapters from oh the glory of it all (which is 62% off in that image. what a deal!). i just hope that today can be as much fun!

Friday, May 19, 2006

our etsy coproduction is posted!

aine has posted our etsy coproduction on her page.

if you're going to be particpating in this year's race for the cure, you might be interested in purchasing. the proceeds of the sale will be donated to breast cancer research (through race for the cure). and, rest assured, proof of donation will be provided.

some random things

it's not just me! brit is disillusioned with flickr too. (welcome to the club, our brit-ish ruler! we accept you, one of us! gooble gobble! hahah!)

birthday week marches on! yesterday's treat was an ice cream sammich!


today i had a tall double americano and a baby cake from cupcake royale.

breakfast with siff

who knows what tomorrow will bring? (er, probably a cavity...)

and speaking of my bday, i've had to reschedule the party. it won't be until june 3rd. so if you were waiting to see the cake, uh, please wait a little longer.

that's all i've got. what do you expect? i've been up since 4 am.