Thursday, October 30, 2014

"Two Whole Days of Nothing But Uppercase "F*CK!"

guys!!! bunny's short experimental film that she based on my collages (1,2) is debuting at indie memphis this weekend! i CANNOT WAIT to link to the video when it's available. it's really wonderful!

in the mean time, if you are in memphis on nov 2nd, go check it out! OR if you are there on saturday, go hear ms bunny talk on panel!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

yorick jumps for joy

the joy of packaging + a plastic skull.


virgin of guadalupe and matcha pocky. (the pocky is not totemic. it is just delicious. i am beside myself with joy that safeway now stocks and delivers it.)

these three plastic bunnies might mean something

but i don't think i'll tell you what it is. XD

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

two pictures and some book recommendations

old man clouseau has been enjoying the house finches from the top of his fridge lately.

*i* have been enjoying our silly string lights.

hey, whatever gets you through the winter, right? speaking of which, i have started burning through mary stewart's books. i finished airs above the ground a few days ago. it was absolutely not what i expected! (and i mean that in the absolute best way possible!) i also found it hard to believe that this was the same mary stewart who wrote the great merlin trilogy. this lady is prolific and she can *really* draw you in (i could swear to you that i spent a few days in vienna but, no. i was just reading airs.). a ++, a million thumbs up to mary stewart.

also wonderful but in an entirely different way is radclyffe hall's well of loneliness.  i don't know how i haven't read this before but i have a feeling that i will be parsing it for quite a while after i've finished.

really though. how was that not on the syllabus for at least one of my classes? at a liberal arts college. in the 90's. *shrug*

plus! i started silver sparrow  this afternoon and have not been able to put it down. ok, i put it down to type this but now i'm going to stop so i can go back to reading. bye!

Monday, October 27, 2014

had to go to seattle...

...for the first time since feb. and while the city itself was not enjoyable, i did have a nice donut at the new top pot by the ferry terminal.

there was also a pumpkin

Friday, October 24, 2014

home life

i decided last night that i need to post more pictures/words than i have been. i'm jangly. sometimes updating this site helps with that. anyway, expect to see a bit more of my and leff's small home life in the near future. 

i may have mentioned how the fug is back. (i kid, i know i did. i actively rebel against it when possible. i am super irritable if i don't.)

we're combating it in our usual way, full spectrum lights, vitamin d supplements and as much color as we can find.

plus carbs. a new top pot opened near the ferry terminal recently so leff brought these guys home.

and we are, of course, watching movies. or are about to watch movies. we are always about movies. these three arrived in the mail the other day.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

here's a shitty picture of a rainbow

there may be an end in sight to some irritating things! i'll take this rainbow that i saw today as a harbinger of better stuff.

i'll also consider the mountain jay that i spotted in the back yard as lucky. and maybe also the eclipse that i'm told is happening but which i can't see (even if i had protective eyewear) due to the gray fug.

what i'm saying is i'll take what i can fucking get. rainbow, bird, eclipse. great.

Monday, October 20, 2014

and i'm back?

but not really? idk, it's still busy. blog updates will probably not be super frequent until some things finish playing out. (no worries though. things are generally pretty good and the news that i am continuing to keep you in the dark about seems to be clipping along. shrug emoji goes *here*.)

here are some good things i *can* tell you about though! it only took nine years but leff and i FINALLY found a chinese takeout that is almost as good as the ones in strip malls in memphis. good enough. i have missed take out chinese.

these bloody marys were fucking delicious! i made the drink, leff made the garnish.

the chain link fence next to our house is gone and has been replaced by something cute!

we planted a few things on sunday. yeah, i need to sweep the sidewalk but, hahaha, i'll get around to it before we move. maybe. it will probably still be raining then so what does it fucking matter. (it doesn't.) 

back to john romer docs for me! 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

a quick (non)halloween update

i won't be making halloween things this year. there's not enough time, i don't have enough energy.

if you'd like something halloween related, check out last year's hausu stencils post that also has a round up of all my past october projects dating back to 2004.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

two things

1) we're still celebrating leff's bday. 

2) i'm getting ready to make some halloween stuff soon.

as you were.

Saturday, October 04, 2014

murder, she toast

it is the 30th anniversary of "murder, she wrote". to mark the occasion, leff and i have been watching the show all day. we also had some toast.

the jam on top is not angela lansberry (although, that old piece of mine is appropriate.). 

Friday, October 03, 2014

leff's 40th bday medieval feast!

so leff says to me he says "i would like a turkey leg for my birthday, please!" since turkey legs are hard to come by this time of year (next month, sure! all the turkey legs you could want!)  i suggested "medieval feast instead?" and so that is what we did.

thankfully, i have friends who do this sort of thing professionally so i wasn't totally clueless when i started planning this meal. (thank you a MILLION times again, anthony! (all recipes that aren't linked were courtesy of mr manthatcooks.)) 

here's the result of the day's cooking and baking! although, ha! we aren't done at the time of writing. there is still a chicken. still. a. chicken. 0_o.

we started the morning with zabarbada of fresh cheese and black bread.

yes, i said morning. we have been eating off and on for, oh, eight hours or so now. hahaha 0_o

the cheese course was followed by three types of pies, greens, mushroom and fig tart. oh my goodness, they were so tasty.

we were still vegetarian by this time of day and continued to be so with this lovely green salad composed of parsley, watercress, butter lettuce, spring onions and cucumber dressed with a simple vinegar/oil dressing + salt and pepper. (that was kind of a cheat recipe. i often eat this salad on my own.)

but then bingo bango sugar in the gas tank  it was time for some cod that was poached in the white wine that accompanied it.

i added some dill. why would i not add dill? i always add dill.

well, ok, i didn't add dill to the braised apples with cheese. i'm not crazy.

ok, i lie. i am crazy.  for the braised apples with cheese. oh, and also the alows de beef. so damn good!

especially when paired with some hippocras wine.

here is where i would be putting a picture of the chicken if it had been finished before i wrote the post. just, you know, imagine a chicken. do you have the chicken image in your head? good. we were going to roast it in front of a big fire but it was, sadly, very warm today. it's in the oven instead. sigh.

you can stop picturing the chicken now.


i PROMISE you that we will roast a chicken in front of a giant fire before the year is out. i have the trussing needle and some cooking string, after all.

swear on rhyley's rainbow unicorn cat that we will!

Thursday, October 02, 2014

leff's princess peach cake

leff asked me to make him a prinsesst√•rta for his birthday this year. i gladly obliged. but since he's not really a princess, i made the cake a little more masculine some stupid little peach shaped marzipan on the outside layer and calling it a princess peach cake. (*eyeroll*, i know.)

this is the recipe that i used and, wow, it's a good one! i wish i was better at working with marzipan though. still, not bad for a first try, i guess. and it's tasty what with all the cream, custard, jam, cake and marzpian layers.

so happy early bday leff! your princess may be in another castle but this cake is in the fridge.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

today is "gilmore girls" day!

as you are no doubt aware, the entirety of "gilmore girls" is now streaming on netflix. while i own the first four seasons and have seen many of the episodes more times than i would like to admit, this is still capital HUGE at the casa. so much so that i put together a gilmore breakfast for the occasion.

in no time, netflix will be asking me "are you STILL watching "gilmore girls"?". yes, netflix. i am. shut up. because even though the gilmores can be truly horrible people sometimes, today i am every gilmore.