Thursday, February 07, 2019

rakkaleff gets unionized after 18 years of cohabitation whaaaaat

remember how i said that i'd post any major updates? well, here's a fucking humdinger of one. after 18 years of cohabitation, leff and i are doing the civil union thing on monday. we're not having a ceremony or reception or anything but we do have to say some things in front of an officiant so we'll take lots of photos and vid of whatever bonkers shit we get up to at city hall and after.  maybe i'll post some of that here?

so, hey, no, before you ask there is no pregnancy involved. this is just to firm up legal things for the state (wills, health insurance, boring life shit, etc) so, to reiterate, THERE ARE NOT ANY CHILDREN INVOLVED AND THERE NEVER WILL BE so, like, stop. 😂

once again, this piece of paper changes nothing, not even anyone's last name but it sure will make things like being able to make choices in emergency situations easier. so hooray! HOORAY! hooray? (no, it's a good thing.)

k, bye for now. maybe i will update with some dumb photos next week.