Sunday, May 31, 2009

other fun things

i'm going to be frank. my 36th bday wasn't super fun. there was a lot of packing involved, a smattering of cleaning and a bit of frustration. these things happen. BUT the week after my bday has been chock full of coolness!

i mean, we got approval on our home loan on thursday! i also got the blanks for the show in tokyo that i'd been waiting for since the beginning of the month. (i'm about half way finished with the embroidery on those.)

additionally, leff and i took a tour of kcts on saturday. i know, i know, we're geeky for being all pbs fanboy/girl. still, it was cool seeing the "kcts cooks" studio and free cake can never be beat. esp if you've got a copy of "alone in the wilderness" in your bag while you're eating said cake.

we've already watched "alone in the wilderness" three times, btw.

did i mention that we picked out paint colors for the house on saturday? well, i have now. one of those greens above will be the office color. the aqua is going to be in the breakfast nook and the stairwell and the grey is for the bedroom. i can't *believe* that we made our first purchase for our house!

what else, what else? oh yes! proof that you wish that leff could be cloned. he ordered me surprise presents! like, these books!

i can't express how much i love minx comics. i mean, instead of making a "pink ghetto" of sorts with their teenage female graphic novel division, dc has created something smart and a bit edgy. i like. a lot. esp since there's no bonding over shopping trips.

and, get this! "emiko superstar" was written by mariko tamaki, author of "skim". (if you haven't read that, do. thank me later.)

back on topic though, how many bfs are cool enough to order not only graphic novels but a grey gardens book AND huck finn? not many. 'cause that's a weird combo.

and if they are that cool, they certainly wouldn't know that it would be awesome to also order two vintage flocked ponies.

'cause, like...words failing. i'm not kidding. those ponies are so ridiculously cool.

k, i'll stop gushing about my bf now and let you get on with your sunday. besides, it's cool enough to use the oven today and i'd like some twice baked potatoes for dinner.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


great news, kiddos!! we got the loan approval nod this morning!!!

now we just have to wait out two weeks until closing (packing is done except for vitals like pots, pans, clothes, xbox, etc)! HOORAY!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

it's a golden girls bday!

how are you spending your memorial day? i'm turning 36, having some cheesecake and watching "the golden girls".

enjoy your cookout or whatever. i'm going to revel in not packing or going to folklife. hooray!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

another boring cat video

oh my god, chitterlings! i'm in that stage of packing where i can't see it ever ending. you know that feeling, right? when you start to wonder just exactly why you've kept all of these magazines articles about amy sedaris. and HOLY HELL why the fuck do i still have so many packs of stickers?!

anyway, when i get to the age of not believing, er, i mean, hell in box form, i tend to drink too much tequila and make boring cat movies. like this one.

it could be worse. i could drink too much tequila and go to folklife. (heh. no.)

k, back to packing.

polite and awesome bears (via chotda)

here's a great video to kick off my birthday, er, i mean, memorial day weekend!

(via chotda)

i've got to get back to packing and avoiding folklife assholes. if you're looking for more to, well, look at, check out yodeer.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

peel misses the point

after a long weekend of packing, it's nice to reflect on the simple things. you know, like peel completely forgetting the proper way to chase her tail.

i love my cat.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fiber Arctic

heya, chitterlings! here's the new card for my next show!

it's june 12th at schmancy from 6-9p. i'll try to be there but leff and i are supposedly closing on our house on the 11th and we're starting the moving process the next day.

either way, it's going to be a great show! you should *totally* go!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

not a lot is new but everything is about to rapidly change

we're now less than a month away from closing on our new place in bremerton, kiddos. as such i'm all...

...because there's a lot of work that's going to have to be done in the next 29 days.

did someone mention packing? to be honest, i'm dreading it. BUT leff and i are *buying* boxes this time (the first time ever in my career 35 (soon to be 36) moves.)  

look, it's on my family crest right over the plate of macaroni salad and floating haunted eye. it is, in fact, our motto: "familia rakka: stoicism in the midst of box collection".

all ridiculousness aside, if you want to follow our housecapades, click on over to the casa rakkaleff blog. leff's written all of the posts so far but i'll probably start contributing once i start procrastinating the boxing of the kitchen.

in other news, cakespy jessie has been opening shows left and right. here're the cupcakes from her schmancy show.

what else...uh...not much. look, i've been pricing lawnmowers and making deer. that's enough for me right now.