Monday, July 25, 2011

work and recuperation

work and recuperation. that was last week. here's a photo that sums up the recuperation part fairly well.

this week saw the arrival of a gratis k'nex luigi

and the continuation of blooming on our hydrangea.

i'm well aware that it is too late in the year for this. our madonna and stargazer lilies haven't opened yet and our lettuce has all bolted trying to get sunlight. weird things are afoot in the land of perpetual winter.

but let's move on to the work part of our program.

i finally finished one of the oddest commissions that i've ever gotten. click over to threadjacker for the finished result a bit later in the day.

additionally, there're new photos at slideshow freak

and always collages at excheckered.

depending on whether or not i can catch a break from this fucking arthritis flare up, there may or may not be new work at pax this week. ta, til next monday.

Monday, July 18, 2011

quickly catching up

a two week absence seems like such a long time but it isn't. no, it really isn't.

anyways, let's play the catch up game.

it was actually sunny one day so leff and i went to a chris craft boat show in port orchard.

while at the show, i saw one of the larger varieties of jellies in the sound.

my family also came to visit. thankfully, they stayed on this side of the water so i only had to go to seattle once.

things that were visited, items accomplished, etc while they were here:  seattle side: the "beauty and bounty" show at sam (which, yawn. i am not a fan of american painting until after 1945 particularly landscape imbued with moral overtones. blargh)

the gum wall

beecher's, the heaven's gate tile, leff's office.

btown/port orchard:

amy's for lunch, a library, the pier, our house, etc, etc.

oh yeah, and breakfast where i had part of this chicken and waffle sandwich that will not align properly.

in the time leading up to their arrival, i finished both of these bottles of pimm's even though both were not labelled as mine.

and i did some fishing. (i got some swedish fish.)

shed sent us some postage and LAVERBREAD!! we still haven't tried it yet, however.  soon, very soon.

and now on to things that i have made.

ok, i didn't make these but they are for slideshow freak.

three pieces for excheckered.

this week i'll be catching up on weeding, pax and sleep.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

next week

the family is approaching so i've kinda' given up on doing anything other than glaring at the cats and drinking at the moment. see you next week with pictures from seattle (uuuuuuunnnngh) and the olympics + some stuff from last week.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

google plus, a package from guam, we kill a bottle of pimms

i know that those of you who haven't been invited to google plus yet are probably tired of hearing about it but, christ on a fucking cracker, g+ is exactly the social network i've been waiting for. i. LOVE. it.

i particularly love being able to separate people in circles.

i won't go on about it because, well, i'd rather be USING it, so i'll get you up to date on this blog and move on.

chotda, my favoritest guambat in the whole word, sent me a package full of goodies before she left on holiday. david lynch coffee! (god, that was good!)

another poppin cookin set!!

and chips! all of these were spectacular but my favorite by far was the sukiyaki cheetos.

here's a picture of them just so we can all drool over them.

guess what! the nanny state actually extended liquor store hours past 6pm! CAN YOU FUCKING BELIEVE IT?! one can now buy booze until 9pm on m-r, 10pm f-sat. sunday hours are, as fucking usual, variable. what, you can't expect them to be consistent.

i'll bitch about the lack of choice in hooch in wa state some other time (i could go on for HOURS) because leff somehow managed to find a bottle of pimms no 1 without having to go to canada!!

we killed said bottle in less than 24 hours. soooo gooood.

we also killed another 4th of july. whatever.

other blogs, other blogs. slideshow freak will resume posting this morning

as will excheckered.

peel and i need to plan what we're doing next week because the family will be in town two weeks early.

Monday, July 04, 2011


i'll be back on the 6th. mainly 'cause i'm spending so much time on g+ but also because leff is off work.

embroidery for threadjacker.