Monday, February 27, 2017

a super slow week

i did a lot of sleeping this week. sleeping and hanging up led string lights.

i mean, it's ridiculous but i love all these lights.

also something that i love that is super ridiculous, my new mermaid blanket. lofreakinl

i didn't take the win train anywhere cool this week

BUT there is a new duncan at granville and the layout is super good.

maybe next week will be less boring. maybe i will finally begin my quest to collect every mold-a-rama in chicago. (i already have 2!)

Monday, February 20, 2017

spring in feb

guess who's sick again. hahaaaaaa at this point, let's just assume that i've got a cold unless i tell you otherwise. :/

got another new lamp this week! it resides on the new table next to the new book about japanese architecture and near the new shelves. 

it has been SO WARM here. it's delicious.  "enjoying climate change" is my current status.

feb. in chicago. and i wasn't wearing boots or even a coat in this picture. lol barefoot at the beach in just light clothing.

it was warm enough for a spumoni!

look at this beautiful ice cream boy!!

i didn't realize until i ate this (cause i'd never even seen one before!) that rainbow cone is pretty much just travel spumoni!


other food this week, strawberries

and some tsukemono.

i would be remiss if i didn't show you how much the old ones are enjoying this weather.

such happy cats.

Monday, February 13, 2017

kawaii box, too many packages, old town and merchandise mart

i thought last week was going to be kind of slow for some reason? haaaaa

i started things off with a kawaii box. if there is any subscription box that is up my alley, it is this one. here're pics of my most favorite things (hover for descrips)

and here was me thinking that was going to be it for packages that week. LOL I AM MARRIED TO THE UPS GUY NOW

leff and i are still slowly replacing items that we've had since college. our dishware DEF needed an update so we placed a pretty substantial order at fishs eddy.

got some glasses too. (leff was tired of drinking out of jars. bwahaha)

we ALSO got some new side tables (not pictured) and OMG THIS LAMP this lamp. i love this lamp.

AND ALSO lol more cute shit. we always have room for more cute shit in our casa.

in case you were wondering those banana choco are so good esp if you like fake banana flavor (i do).

have some edgewater pics before we head to....

old town! some of the buildings here survived the great fire. the mural at sedgwick wasn't around then but it's colorful.

our main reason for heading to old town was the spice house.

they've got everything. (and we somehow got out of there having only spent around $20!)

on our way to the spice house, we passed the dog house. we didn't have a chance to get one of their dogs at the hot dog festival last year, so we remedied that with two char dogs (chicago style, natch) and an order of chili cheese fries.

s'like, i can never move from chicago, guys. i can't get food like this anywhere else. (maybe nyc but i don't want to live there.)

some more of old town.

i particularly like this one.

which takes me on a slight detour cause this week i made feminist conversation heart cookies for a meeting.

also bought postcards to sent to prez bannon.

sending my first one out today.

anyway, back to saturday. after old town, we dropped by merchandise mart. leff went here for lunch last week and knew that i had to go there. it is HUGE. like, two city blocks huge. i kinda fucking love it.

i mean, i could live here.

got valentines duncan before heading home. merchmart dd has SUPER fresh donuts. i'll take you there. (i mean, the place has its own cta stop so WHY NOT)

one last reminder! ok two, call your reps! but also get ready to buy cheap valentine's candy cause this shit

is on sale soon. til next week!