Wednesday, April 30, 2008

three things

1) reusable swiffer pads fucking. rock! i got mine here.

2) cats in the unfinished malkovich space? irritating!!!

3) mary tofts? the woman who gave birth to rabbits? in-freaking-sane. i have the book on hold at the library.

Monday, April 28, 2008


when something is called roid week do you automatically assume that it's seven days in celebration of all things preparation h? or is it just me?

two needles, a couch and strawberry fluff

i'm really glad that my fear of needles doesn't include those of the space variety.

otherwise i'd have to move to vancouver, bc.

this weekend involved a lot of walking, a lot of furniture and one major contender for the title of "new couch" at casa rakkaleff.

i think that everyone and their dog has this piece of furniture but that's not a deterrent. i mean, look at it. it'll go great with this chair!

i swear that my life used to be about more than home decor. really, it did.

after i droppped off some books at the library, leff grabbed some chicken kata from the resturant in the parking garage on the corner of 5th and seneca for an impromptu picnic at freeway park. (a picnic for him. i mean, unless you count my diet coke as picnic food. i do.)

freeway park is no where near as dire as leff had portrayed it. i avoided that park like the plague based on his photo alone. (i've had my share of stepping over used works, thanks so much, and try to avoid it when possible. his picture made the place look prime for shooting up. which, ok, granted it probably is still used for those purposes but it was nowhere near as needle ridden as, say, patterson park. (sorry, baltimore people but you know i'm telling the truth.))

where was i going with this? um, not anywhere fun. i'll change the subject.

have you ever worked with strawberry marshmallow fluff? did you know that if you force it through a stencil with a rice cooker spoon, it sounds like printmaking ink?

it sizzled just like a charged brayer. and the fluff had the same drag as printmaking ink. it was *really* disorienting because i kept expecting that great ink smell but all i got was nasty fake strawberry.

(ed note: it wouldn't have been so disorienting if i'd been more than half awake at the time.)

one more bit of news. (and this is the cool thing that i told you about last wednesday) i'm now working on the schmancy gallery blog! there's not a lot there just yet but we're going to have special preview sales and interviews and all sorts of good things!

jess hutchison's opening is on may 9th at schmancy (6p-9p) and our first preview sale will feature her work!

shoot me an email at schmancygallery [at] gmail [dot] com to be added to the mailing list and i'll email you when the preview sale goes live.

k, time to get back to work. ta until wed.

Friday, April 25, 2008

deathskull and rainbows, lots of stencils, fake strawberries and the hurt

would you believe it? i did something that wasn't apt related this week! headspy jessie and i made a drawing/painting!

i made the deathcake, she made the rainbow. what's not pictured in this, um, picture is the other bunch of awesomeness that jessie drew. why not check out her esty shop and get an idea of what they might've been like?

also in the art vein, i cranked out five fugitives yesterday. here are stencils for four of them.

i should mention that the cat power one didn't work. (the one on the furthest left.) i knew that it wouldn't before i made it but went ahead with it anyway. what the hell is my problem?!

also, why do i enjoy looking at fake strawberry products?

i'm not going to eat that stuff. ok, i tried some of the fluff and it was naaaa-haaaaa-sty. i still like seeing it on my microwave though.

oh no! here comes the hurt!

part of me wishes that it said here comes the pain, you know, as in the french for bread. not only because i think it would be funny to see pacman chomping un baguette but also because je voudrais un baguette. somehow the oatmeal isn't cutting it this morning.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

how can it possibly be wednesday?

once again, i have nothing new to write about. i mean, i get that blogs are supposed to be about the minutia of everyday life but lately my minutia has been too...uh...minute to bother you with.

actually, i'm lying. i'm working on something really cool but i don't feel like i can talk about it yet.

so aside from boring trivialities and things i can't discuss, there's nothing left for you. except maybe a goofy photo of some things.

'k, i'm gonna' go get some coffee.

Monday, April 21, 2008

ridiculously busy, sleet, tutankhamun and the egg hat

what to write about this weekend that's not boring? saturday and sunday were ludicrously productive. leff and made a final stop at goodwill (that's four carloads full of stuff that we've donated since we moved. it feels *great* to be rid of all those things!). we made huge headway on the apartment. etc, etc, etc i know you're just as tired of reading about this move as i am.

three weird things did happen though. 1) it sleeted every day this weekend.

2) leff and i had to put tables together in the goodwill parking lot in said sleet before they would take them. thankfully, they were ikea tables and it didn't take long.

3) we saw two people, one with a tutankhamun hat and the other with a crocheted fried egg on his head, walking down the street. sadly, i don't have a picture.

i also don't have any more words for this post. i have about four trips downstairs to the storage space today and we're officially living box free. i'm sure you can understand why i want to get that over with as soon as humanly possible.

Friday, April 18, 2008

spaghetti wires, amazon fresh, etc

yay, team!

i've got cauliflower for hands!

er, i mean, yay! i cleaned out the storage space the other day and now we have all of our consoles in one place!

it's a nasty rat's nest of spaghetti wires at the moment but we're waiting on an 8 plug switcher thing and some led string lights to arrive. then we'll attack it with the staple gun.

what else is new? we quit safeway delivery for amazon fresh.

so far i'm super pleased as it solves a lot of the problems that i'd had with safeway.

we've been eating things like tuna steaks with black eyed pea salsa.

the dish of pepto wasn't needed because of the food. i was painting with it and thought it looked really bright and pretty in a dish.

sadly, the pepto piece hasn't worked right yet but lois lane made from aloe did. (alois lane...geddit? ba doom ching!)

anyway, here's the stencil.

and the finished lois. (for s&f)

i wonder if there's a way to make stencils be a finished piece....maybe i'll think about that while i'm working my ass off this weekend. yeah, it's another trip to goodwill and other assorted apartment things.

*when* will this move be over?!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

i'm on a rampage

and, no, not the fun kind.

since i'm just *this* close to an apoplectic rage, i'm taking a pass on writing anything more today. enjoy a really ugly picture (that matches my mood) and i'll see you on friday.

(and before you ask, of course it has nothing to do with leff.)

edit: things are looking a little better now that i've viewed this clip this clip (thanks, joey!) of michelle obama on "the colbert report" but i'm still warning you, don't fuck with me today.

Monday, April 14, 2008

dalai lama, hybrid rental, ballard and the malkovich door is opened

on friday, c and i attended the seeds of compassion event at key arena. i don't have any photos since cameras weren't allowed and, as i've stated many, many times before, the camera in my razr suck-diddly-ucks, flanders.

anyway, seeds of compassion at the key. what to say without breaking that rule of not saying something unless you have something nice to say? hmmmmm....i know! when the dalai lama was allowed to speak, it was great. he's really charasmatic and knows how to take the piss. (also, according to chotda, man can put away some steak!!)

other than that...well, i wasn't told there would be video. and as for the self important panel, i'll stop there.

what else is there worth mentioning? ok, three things: 1) there were copious amounts of black lights in use which made me think that the dalai lama would arrive in plumes of dry ice smoke and on a zipline with "the final countdown" booming away. 2) police presence was ramped up. 3) c and i left after 15 minutes.

oh wait! 4) the cbc was there.

oh hey! 5) these lovely blue shards were on the ground on my way to the key!

anyway, on to saturday. leff and i ended up renting the zipcar hybrid to take our old computer to interconnection (they are *awesome!*, fyi.) and to drop off yet another load of stuff at goodwill.

we were kinda' nervous that there wouldn't be enough room. well, that worry was unfounded.

check out all that junk in that (sorta') trunk! daaaaahmn!!

we tested the hybrid by driving it up queen anne hill fully loaded down. guess what, no problem with acceleration.

i'm in love with the prius. if we ever own another car, that will be the one.

after goodwill, leff and i stopped by top banana produce for some breakfast

which we took to golden gardens just to make this gull jealous.

god, it was beautiful on saturday!

after basking in the sun for about an hour, we headed to restore to look for a shower hanger. (bardahl oil is near restore, hence the next photo.)

we not only found the shower hanger but also some body parts!

i heart restore.

the only other thing that's been happening is unpacking. well that and we also managed to open the malkovich door.

more unpacking is on today's agenda. argh! it'll never be finished!

Friday, April 11, 2008

the white man overbite, healthy food, horsing around

what is it about the "magnum p.i." theme song that makes men bite their lower lip, ball up their fists, stick their elbows to their sides and move their shoulders back and forth in time to the music?

you know, a modified version of the white man overbite?

'cause, honey, it happens. like every time i've seen "magnum" come on and there's a guy in the room. i've witnessed it spread out over decades, in many different cities and with many different styles of faddish facial hair.

anyway, i probably haven't discussed it here but i'm trying to give up sugar. why? um, i don't want diabetes. which, in effect, boils down to my terrible fear of needles.

the result? i've been eating healthier.

it's not been too bad. i'm almost over the horrid cravings. i'll let you know how it's going a month from now.

hey look! it's my cat exploring uncharted territories!

stupid peel. now i'll have to clean on top of those counters so she doesn't get weird kitchen goop on her paws and ingest it. grrr!

if you've been following suspect and fugitive you know that i make a lot of stencils. what you probably didn't know was how many of them fail. like yesterday i made five fucking stencils before i could get one to work. here are two of the rejects, secretariat

and mr. ed.

not pictured, bob ross, a mule and the successful ann-margaret. although, honestly, i should've worked on that one a little more. sigh....

since it's going to be warm this weekend, i have a feeling that leff and i'll be headed to the beach (just like everyone else) after we drop off another bunch of stuff at goodwill.

i would promise you pictures from seeds of compassion today as well buuuuut cameras aren't allowed.


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

two religious photos, etc

leff and i have been purging things from the apartment. (thanks, apartment therapy!) i mention this because i've come across something else that makes me laugh just as hard as the solid waste breakfast.

in case you can't make it out, it's an altered coloring book page that reads "god says that i must slaughter you and eat 74.9% of your carcass."

in other religious news, i got tickets to seeds of compassion.

i think it's being organized by a flock of pigeons. seriously, i got email notification last week of the qwest field ticket (that i hadn't even requested) and was left to assume that i hadn't gotten the two tickets to the key (that i had ordered and did, indeed, want.). but then, *kapow* there they all were in my mailbox yesterday. which throws my plans off since i was planning on going solo to qwest field on saturday. also it's too late for leff to get time off to join me at the key on friday.

freakin' flock of pigeons, i swear.

anyway, moving on. yesterday video dropped on flickr. i do not care. it's almost four years too late, imho.

i will, however, kill the next one of you bitches that sends me a fucking group invitation that is along the lines of "no video on flickr! i protest!"

i'm not kidding.

'k, i'm gonna' go be grumpy in my kitchen now. sadly, the bastard won't unpack itself.

yes, my kitchen is a bastard.

Monday, April 07, 2008

i'm baaaaaack!

while a lot has happened since i last wrote a proper entry back in, oh, i don't know, march? the two biggest things going on at casa rakkaleff have been my dealing with a spring cold

and our moving to a new apartment.

that's a photo illustrating how we're switching out the gross old white handles in the kitchen to nice new shiny silver ones.

it's also shows that, no, we haven't finished unpacking yet. please refer to the first photo above and you'll understand why we're still in boxes.

we've also had to take time out for trips to dan flavin retrospectives.

ok, no. that was a trip to home depot. har har.

i've also been at schmancy. moustaches for everyone, i say!!

aaron at nancy made this *awesome* sigmund and the sea monsters sculpture!

swing by 2nd ave if you're downtown and check it out. it rocks!

leff and i had breakfast at golden gardens on sunday. super low tide and super crazy cold!

and i found my temp pink hair dye

which i used to make a portrait of pink

for suspect and fugitive.

seriously, i'm forgetting a million things that have happened since i was last here properly. i guess we'll just have to catch up on wednesday. see you then!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

happy freakin' april fools

this is a quick post to mention that we've finished the move.

also to mention that i've caught a nasty head cold and won't be posting here until after i'm better and the apartment is unpacked.

so, you know, check out suspect and fugitive because i'm somehow managing to find the energy to keep up with that despite having a head full of phlegm.