Monday, January 30, 2012

last week was not so bad!

good news in that last week was not nearly as excruciating as i thought it was going to be. see, peel had lost a tooth just prior to the stupid snow storm and we were unable to get her to the vet. she's an old girl. maybe 14? anyway, i was completely freaked out about it.

i shouldn't have worried quite so much in retrospect, however, as she is now doing fine. okok, she only has one tooth left as she had a mostly complete dental extraction but she's better than she has been in a while.

still, poor old thing. she's really hating the antibiotic that we've been giving her.

what else is new besides a primarily toothless cat? ah! new furniture! we finally got the chair for which we'd been saving.

also the new convertible sofa we've had our eyes on is now in the office.

i know! it's so orange and red!! and it's fucking hot as hell, don't deny.

rhys sent us a winterval present this week!  THREE BOXES OF STAR CRUNCH!!  he's such a sweetheart! can't wait to see you in march, rhysling!!

excheckered is still posting and it's getting bizarre. well, more bizarre.

new projects might be starting soon. i guess. i have plans, i do. just hang in there, k? i gots to see a man about some meds and we might be back to normal output levels.

Monday, January 23, 2012

some snow and work as usual

you may have heard that it snowed in the seattle area this past week. * shoulder shrug * all this did was make me wonder why i moved to a place that still hasn't figured out how to deal with inclement weather. oh, and also use it as an excuse to take a picture of my new rainboots.

the other things that comprised last week were also rather shitty. in fact, i'm still dealing with some passive aggressive cold that i caught on thurs? fri? does it matter?  i still managed to post at execheckered so whatever.

this week is promising to be extra shitty with a slight chance of improvement on friday.  check back next monday to see if my forecast was correct.

Monday, January 16, 2012

house stuff and collages

i'm making some serious headway on the house. the bedroom is coming along quite nicely.

we'll have even more new furniture in two weeks. i can't wait until that shows up. cb2 4evah!

i've not had much time for adventuring due to the house stuff and work. so make do with some excheckered collages, k?

new work blogs should be starting soon, promise. i have to finish a commission first.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

pulp novel covers

i've been having a crazy clear out lately. surprisingly, books were culled this time. (which, god, it was painful but i am so tired of moving them. (new criteria for EVERYTHING: would i move this around the world? no? IT DOES NOT COME INTO THE HOUSE.))

it was finally time to say goodbye to my pulp novels. but before moving them into the "to be donated" pile, i took photos of their covers. here are three of my favorites.

i really love the red dress on the cover of awake to darkness but i'm baffled as to how she kept everything in place. tape?  probably tape.

the eyes have it. "was a hypnotist controlling THE KILLER?"

"when this woman loves, anything can happen!" so true, so true.

the rest of my old books can be seen in this flickr set.  if you'd like to own any of them, be on the lookout at western washington goodwill stores. i'm hoping that they all go to appreciative homes.

Monday, January 09, 2012

another monday post

*yawn, stretch* good morning!

big things are afoot at the casa. not that you'll be able to tell from this post but i'll try to at least clue you in. we're in the middle of rearranging the house. this, of course, means a bit of new furniture. the first of it arrived this week. hooray for new knitted poufs!

fujiko really likes them.

what she will not like though is the fact that leff and i will be heading back to the uk for TWO WEEKS in march!! TWO WEEKS!!!

i mean, fu will be upset, sure but 1) i get to go back to the uk!! 2)i'll get to GO TO PARIS AND POSSIBLY BERLIN THIS TIME!!! 3) RHYS WILL BE HOUSESITTING!!! which means that i'll get to see everyone that i want to see during an intense three weeks and then all those people will be gone (or, i will have left) again and i'll fall into another really horrid depression during which i'm unable to eat. EVERYONE WINS!!!

but that won't be happening for about two months.

have you been watching the new "sherlock" and "downton"?!?  HAVE YOU!??! fuji and i are all about both shows.

yes, this is how i watch tv. with a cat invading my space and the xbox controller, my laptop and a bag of popcorn within reach. whatevs, i've got on a grey hoodie so i can play like i finished grad school so, mfa, mofos!

business side of post:  i'll be catching up on excheckered starting today. here's an image from, fuck if i remember. it's nice though.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

fun times. it's the accent meme on tumblr that will not die

rhys did an accent meme video today. i recorded the same in response. go listen to us both! or don't!

rules on how to play are on either of our meme things. if you do record yourself, and you should, please leave a link in comments here or on plus or wherever 'cause i like the way you talk.

edit:  to date i've got links to...
  • rhyley who is south carolinian via virginia
  • ac who is north carolinian with a bit of cali
  • leff who is from maryland 
you know you want to do this. rhyley even found an easy way to record!