Monday, October 31, 2016

meet our friend hogan

today we had a halloween treat! we met our friend hogan! hogan is two feet long! (that is something else in metric.)

we took hogan for a walk in the park! he was tired because we met a lot of people on the way to our apartment so he rested on a bench.

who did we meet? a pumpkin face!

a fox face!

a clown face!

a water face!

and no face!

we also met a nice man who thought our taking a two foot sub for a walk in the park was funny (we all laughed when i told him hogan was our friend.) and another nice man on a bike who told us to have a nice day (but i think that was really down to the cubs winning last night).

but oh no! hogan is too big for our fridge!

not for long tho. *chomp chomp chomp*

the end

another post about halloween and the cubs XD

since this is my city (ha)

this post is gonna get lumped into the two subjects that are looming large on my radar-- halloween and the cubs.

don't even try to act surprised. if you're a regular reader, you KNEW this was headed your way ESP after that game last night AMIRITE

three photos before we plunge into halloween. leff and i finally made it to the swedish bakery in andersonville when they were open. i got a delicious double danish with custard and berry filling.

we also had popeye's one day this week. here's the honey for the biscuits. nothing else lasted long enough for photos (but wooooo did leff get the hookup! :D)

and since we live in the land of deciduous trees again, check out the fruity pebbles colors. YAY it is FALL!! :D :D :D :D :D


kkkkkkkkkkkk, soooooooo let's get to halloween! a shop in andersonville is selling trumpkin spice lattes. ha! (altho, tbh, the funniest part of this is when i took the picture and then waved to the guy who was looking quizzically at me. (maybe you had to be there.))

edgewater goes ALL OUT with the decorations. I HAVE RETURNED TO THE LAND OF MY PEOPLE

a few of the apt complexes in the neighborhood paint their front doors for various holidays. i love this. it reminds me of the painted screens in baltimore.

a voodude.

everyone has had a day like this.

the eyeball harvest is going to be particularly good this year!

oh! leff brought back some skull gummies! they're fruity/vaguely raspberry and i love them.

k, time to segue into THE CUBS obvs, this is decoration from before the world series started. still, i agree with the sentiment and the accidental rainbow that occurred is just icing on that sad california cake.

and here's the only pumpkin i managed to decorate this year. (in case you want info)

right! now to the cubs! in case you have been living under a rock (or not in chicago or don't follow the cubs) you know about the w flags. (history link if you need it) here are some w's that i saw while running errands last week.

weight the w.

can the w.

nail the w.

advertise the w.

fly the w.

 backdrop the w with your cubscake from jewel. XD

like i don't have a rally towel. do you know me? OF COURSE i have a fucking rally towel. XD

i also had half a cubs donut (and halloween, natch).

it's all too much, this world series business. i'm so nervous about the next game back in cleveland that i think i need to watch it in public, lest (lest ha!) i scream constantly for four hours straight while it's happening.


i am going to go cry now about rossy having played his last game at wrigley. watching this vine will help.

oh yes! apropos of nothing, I GOT A NEW PHONE CASE LOL

see you next week!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

halloween, graceland cemetery and wrigleyville (again XD)

holy crap, it's tuesday. what with 1) the cubs win 2) halloween awesomeness 3) approaching out of towner visit, i've lost track of time. that is why i'm gonna throw a ton of photos at you but keep it light on the words.

so hey, it's fall. did you know?

i have missed seasons so this has been glorious. still also enjoying public transit that works.

still loving all the polish goodies that are readily available.

but getting back to the halloween awesomeness. people go all out here.

i am fully in the tank for halloween.

meet creeps and spoops. heart them.

i even drug out some old decorations.

leff put up some lights!

but back to the neighborhood. i am so about this place.

here's a tomb that we saw on the way to graceland cemetery.

you simply MUST visit this place. not only is it full of impressive sculpture

and ornamentation

it is ALSO full of chicago luminaries. (hover for names)

PLUS it's an arboretum so i need to go back in the spring to see everything when it's blooming.

yeah, THAT george pullman.

found waldo snork snork

and mr cub. i pretty much almost cried when we found ernie banks (he's not on the cemetery map yet but he is located very near mies van der rhoe. please pay him a visit.)

we didn't track down the wandering ghost at graceland because, wow, we are still super tired these days. so we walked past this cardinal


i died. it was so delicious. they buried me at graceland. XD

thought you'd like a clouseau photo before we hit CUBS MANIA photos. here's the cool dude.

SO YES leff and i went to wrigley the day after the nlcs clinch. IT WAS SO CROWDED they ran out of w donuts at dunkin and HAHAHA NO ONE HAD WORLD SERIES HATS (at least not the one that leff was looking for) and i waited too long to get a rossy t :((((((


it's pretty much been a nonstop cubs fest in chicago this week. soak in the ambiance a bit (unless you're a cleveland fan in which case...uhm...idk?? XD)

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkaaaaaaaay gotta prep some snacks for WORLD SERIES GAME ONE *SCREAMING*

this is now a halloween and cubs appreciation blog. loletc. see you next week GO CUBS GO