Tuesday, March 27, 2018

food and drink and art design chicago plus a guest appearance by the yearly donkeys

you know that thing where you get sick after a long period of intense stress? yeah, i'm working on that. so let's knock this entry out while i'm still lucid, k? 

still finding our sea legs, still sticking in the lakeview-ish area. this last weekend saw us back at stan's.

some pics from the street--

dropped by choc choc for a dr jart + mask. they're so creepy but they work.

art design chicago  is in full swing, so we made a trip to dpam. caught the lithographs of clinton adams and june wayne (v nice)

but was REALLY there for barbara jones-hogu

and jose guerrero which, holy shit! neither of these shows disappointed.

i'll be going to more of the art design shows for sure and most DEFINITELY heading back to dpam next month.

other things over the weekend...ah, yes! finally made chicken rice!

saw the palm sunday donkeys again! they are now a yearly tradition for us.

went to north and clybourn

for nando's

and got a fruit lovers che at bambu on the way home.

all in all, a very satisfactory weekend. now for more rest. i am so tired of being sick, guys. ugh.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

i guess this is just a chicago bakery blog now

so far this week, in an attempt to ease myself back into chicago life, i have visited two bakeries. the first, vanille patisserie, was having a fundraiser for special olympics. so i took a picture of their tulips

and then bought some delicious macarons. the color, amirite? (that is unfiltered.)

i will probably go back again this week after i catch the two exhibits at depaul art musuem that are part of art design chicago. (it's last minute on those. none of you are surprised.)

today, i snagged a lemon blueberry scone from edge of sweetness that i had with some ginger mint tea from middle east bakery and grocery so. good. this might be your breakfast if you visit us this summer.

mostly though, i'm still helping the little stuff reacclimate. she's doing great, in case you were wondering.

we're going to be reading people who eat darkness today. can't wait.

Monday, March 19, 2018

hey there, you

sorry for the abrupt privacy change earlier this year. i needed to spend time with peel and clouseau both of whom, sadly, have passed on. 

it's been a very, very, very hard few months. i miss my little guys horribly. in the time that i was absent, i've not really been doing much but hospice but if you need to catch up on the little bits that might have fallen by the wayside, my ig is public again.

i'm slowly getting back up to speed and will begin posting happier news here soon. (*knock on wood*) it should be noted that fujiko is still going strong! she bitches at me several times a day which is nice.

see you soon-ish.