Thursday, January 31, 2013

new collages!

new collages! by Rakka
new collages!, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.

hi hey hello! i have new collages for sale in my etsy shop!

the cats have the right idea

clouseau and peel by Rakka
clouseau and peel, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.

we are all crazy exhausted at casa rakkaleff due to the crush of trying to catch up on work after an almost month long flu.

but! i have new work that will be available for sale starting tomorrow! check back on friday for the link!

Saturday, January 26, 2013


smrt by Rakka
smrt, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.

i am so smart.

Friday, January 25, 2013

rude placental mammal

rude armadillos wear cunterbunds. this is a little known fact.

(ed note:  blogger allowed a photo upload! while this is nice,  i think that i will continue short sporadic posts through flickr and save photo space here for travel posts.)

awww me nuts!!

awww me nuts!! by Rakka
awww me nuts!!, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.

this has become my new catchphrase, made funnier by the facts that 1) i do not hide acorns 2) i do not possess a pair of nuts of my own.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


clouseau pbbt by Rakka
clouseau pbbt, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.

this is what clouseau thinks about your new "star" movies.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

new collages will soon be available

working by Rakka
working, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.

i will be starting limited time sales of collages as well as offering prints from my excheckered project starting in feb.

more info can be found here.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

slim shady elephants

slim shady elephants by Rakka
slim shady elephants, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.

i am becoming a cannibal of my own work. who knows what sort of frankenbeasts i will make this year after i have sorted through my stacks and stacks and books and books of old drawings and sketches and collages.

be afraid. also, maybe buy something once i put it in my etsy shop? I will give you a link when everything is ready. THANK YOU

the tide was high but i swear i wasn't

tide pod on a bento book by Rakka
tide pod on a bento book, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.

i am absolutely fascinated by freakin tide pods. i got this free sample one and spent a good five minutes taking pictures of it before i chucked it into the washer with the manky bathmat.

manky bathmat is now much less manky. fwiw.

Monday, January 21, 2013

inauguration snacks

inauguration snacks by Rakka
inauguration snacks, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.
what did you eat while watching the inauguration? i had tasty, cheap donuts from 7-11 and the cats had some full fat kibble.

kibble not pictured. just know that the cats and i were all REALLY happy.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

me and fujiko

me and fujiko by Rakka
me and fujiko, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.

not down by the schoolyard.

we are planning something though.

green stuff for a green curry

green stuff by Rakka
green stuff, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.

i've finally gotten to the stage in this fucking flu where i've got enough energy to make food. well, almost enough energy anyway.

tonight i'm having a green curry. i kinda' sorta' use the nigella "curry in a hurry" recipe for this.

Friday, January 18, 2013

tiny heart

tiny heart by Rakka
tiny heart, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.
"what's with all the hearts?" i can hear some of you asking. and to that i reply "oh my god, i have been so sick. i bought valentine's candy to make myself feel better, ok?"

hearts will disappear as soon as easter candy is available in stores. pinky swear.


thundersnow by Rakka
thundersnow, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.
i heard that some of you were having thundersnow. we are not. that is WAY too emotionally honest for the weather here.

still, here is a unicorn screaming thunder and farting snow for you because i know you like it like that. you will, unfortunately, have to click through to flickr to SEE the word snow being farted but, whatever, you will still like it like that.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

heart in hand

heart in hand by Rakka
heart in hand, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.

if you consume it, its power will become yours.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

one day i will own every book set in the uk

ah god this cover by Rakka
ah god this cover, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.

i am not even kidding. i think that i have started sleep ordering used british books in order to maximize time.

i am particularly enjoying how this cover matches everything in my house. i might not read it straight away and, instead, just carry it around so i can look at it in different rooms.

we have finished watching "twin peaks"

wearing my audrey socks by Rakka
wearing my audrey socks, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.

leff was less than impressed by the second season. i mean, of course he was. what is even the point of 3/4ths of it?

anyway, "fire walk with me" is up next. well, as soon as he is over his season two rage.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

this can only end badly

this can only end badly by Rakka
this can only end badly, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.

i don't even know why i'm attempting to start my beginning icelandic book while i have this flu. especially when the book wishes me "good luck!" before i've even gotten to the pronunciation guide. :/

Sunday, January 06, 2013

damn fine cup of coffee

coffee by Rakka
coffee, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.

to go with the "twin peaks" marathon, we have, of course, been drinking damn fine cups of coffee. here is one of them.

we have been watching twin peaks

we have been watching twin peaks by Rakka
we have been watching twin peaks, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.
leff and i have spent most of this washed out weekend watching "twin peaks". well, *i* have been rewatching but this is leff's first time through the series.

yes, bob still freaks me right the fuck out. yes, i still love audrey. some things never change.

what IS new though is that this popcorn was made in a paper bag. instructions are available here.

Saturday, January 05, 2013

beasts of the southern wild

beasts of the southern wild by Rakka
beasts of the southern wild, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.

you've seen this already, right? WHAT? rent it! seriously, how many times do i have to remind you to watch this?

just get ready to cry at the end. there is no shame in it. everyone always cries at the end.

Friday, January 04, 2013

croque madames

two open faced croque madames by Rakka
two open faced croque madames, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.

tonight we're having croque madames for dinner because i thought we needed more croques in our lives. also i wanted an egg which is why this is a madame and not a monsieur.

salad not pictured. why not? idk. i have the flu.

my year so far

my year so far by Rakka
my year so far, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.

2013 to date has been full of lame. i am crazy sick with some bullshit cold. AGAIN. wa state, it will try to kill you.

anyway, the cold is lame but my book is good. storyteller: the authorized biography of roald dahl by donald sturrock, for those of you keeping score.