Monday, April 26, 2010

chocolate, plants plus an s&f contest

surprise! i found time to write something! although, i promise you, it won't be much.

last tuesday, i attended amy of amy's decadent chocolates chocolate presentation at the bremerton library. informative! and there were chocolate samples.

the rest of the week was spent keeping my nose to the grindstone. well, the rest of the week until saturday when i finally took a break and went to the opening day of the port orchard farmer's market.

since it's early in the season, it was mostly shellfish and bedding plants which, you know, fine by me!

in truth, those aren't all plants that i bought yesterday. there are a sprinkling of seedlings that i started and a few plants that i picked up at the library plant sale. (what? you knew that i spend all of my free time at the library.)

i didn't get any shellfish though because i have a fear of eating most sea beasties. i have my reasons.

so, i'm starting a month's worth of suspect and fugitive card giveaways today. if you'd like to win a herman meunster card

head on over and check out how to enter.

if you're still in a clicking mood, 37 confections is still happening. today is a miniature version of momofuku's crack pie.

and if your clicking finger is still itchy, why not wander over to stupid fucking awesome?

i'm almost to month five.

this week is when the major work begins for the show at bluebottle. i'll be posting updates at suspect and fugitive and maybe here if i have time.

Friday, April 23, 2010

it's a book!

you know how i've been hinting around that noah (you know, noah! he rocks!) has included me in one of his upcoming projects? well, now i've got the official news!

i'm included in his new book, 365: a daily creativity journal due out on dec 15, 2010 from voyageur!

i'll post more details as they become available. in the mean time, check out my current 365 (which is not for those allergic to the f word), the 365 that i didn't complete due to time constraints or my first 365 which is the basis for a show at bluebottle in june. (opening, june 10 from 5-8p in conjunction with caphill art walk.)

alternately, you could go read my short 37 day blog that runs from april 19-may 25. yes, it's quite busy around these parts lately.

Monday, April 19, 2010

i need to hire an assistant

i'm not kidding about that title. if i could afford to pay someone to help me, i really, really would.

with all of this work stuff occupying my time, i haven't done much to write about. i plan on doing this:

tomorrow, however.

oh, and 37 confections starts today. first up is a mini carrot cake.

also, stupid fucking awesome is happening. today's a skull that i traded noah for.

(speaking of noah, i can't wait to tell you about the project that he's come up with (in which i'm involved.) it's gonna' be great!)

k, back to the grind. see you next monday?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


kid robot posted about vinylmore 3! (i loveloveLOVE the ramen bowl head, don't you?)

Monday, April 12, 2010

back tomorrow

just got back from the dentist so i won't be writing a longish post today. i might, however, have some really kick ass news tomorrow which might make it worth the wait!

see you tues!

Monday, April 05, 2010

another week, another post

no, i'm not really feeling discombobulated.

i do, however, really, REALLY like that painting. i'm tempted to go back with my mini crowbar and pry it off that wall.

so, easter happened.

we didn't do too much. i mean, we went to uwajimaya. i don't feel like going into the entitled attitude we were unfortunately (but unsurprisingly) subjected to from f holes who look like this on our way to the store. except to say, really, how sad is it that there are so many of those pathetic cliches in seattle?

one great thing to come of the trip: we found out that uwajimaya has an amazon store. that means i'll only have to cross the sound for dental work now so, yay me!

anyway, here're some flowers

and an anvil cloud.

"buffy" and "arrested development" are now streaming on netflix so i've got that to do.

Friday, April 02, 2010

don't forget, vinylmore 3 opening is TONIGHT!

if you're in the baltimore/d.c. area, make sure to swing by atomic books tonight for the vinylmore 3 opening starting at 7p!

there are some really incredible munnies in this show! check them out here or, you know, take a gander at my little guy.

(if you happened to find this site after the opening, hi! i've got a new 365 blog that's currently in its 4th month that might be of interest.)