Monday, January 28, 2008

back on feb 1st

i'll be back on friday the 1st. until then, please ponder 1) how awesome ellen forney is.

her students at cornish are a lucky bunch. she's a very engaging speaker.

2) why it is that so many people take wedding photos in front of the library these days.

3) just exactly what communicable disease it is that the monorail has contracted.

Friday, January 25, 2008

finished embroidery and other things

after a little over a month of work, i finished a tokyo mew mew embroidery for my little cousin a.

things continue to be busy what with the two big things in feb looming, but i've managed to get outside in the sun. can you believe that there are trees blooming?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

huh? what?

jesus, but where has the time gone?

lately, when i'm not buried in work, i've been doing one of three things: 1) eating sushi

2) watching out for the claw since it's now arrived in lqa

and 3) taking cameraphone pics of tourists.

can you believe that you can see mt. rainier in that picture?

in nine more days i'll be starting two pretty substantial projects. (more if my fucking order from pearl ever gets here. *grumbling*) one of them is thing a day. the other being "suspect and fugitive" which will require more explanation when the time is right. (read feb 1st.)

speaking of time, nine days! i need to go!

Monday, January 21, 2008

i'm observing mlk day

so i'll be back on wed.

Friday, January 18, 2008

more etsy, seated sousa, a movie for me and pants

i'm still stuck working on prep for this new project of mine. that means, you guessed it, i don't have much to write about except what arrived from etsy this week.

more plastic deer from jinny's treasures!

it came with two deer surprises!

isn't that so sweet? thanks again, sandy!

i also purchased a needle felting kit from made by moxie!

i've always loved moxie's work so it was doubly cool to get my kit from her! now to get cracking on the felting!

last night i was super lucky and got to watch not only "mean girls" but the ballard sedentary sousa band on television.

are you going to tell me that you don't like sousa? well then i say that you're a liar and that we are no longer bff.

if you are telling the truth, do like sousa and would like to see the sedentary band play some of his songs, click here. it's totally worth it for the seated drum major.

this next link is for pants (and other tina fey lovers). dearest pants, i know that this doesn't look like the kind of movie that either one of us would ever see put it has jonn hodgman, amy poehler and the fey!

plus it includes the line "i wanna put my baby inside you" as read by the fey herself.

want!! will take this movie behind the middle school and get it pregnant! (via jezebel)

anyway, happy upcoming mlk day. i'll see you monday.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

it slushed a bit on monday night

just like i stated in the title, it did indeed get quite slushy in seattle on monday night.

maybe it snowed in some of the higher elevations, but not in lqa which is one of the many reasons that we still live here.

leff wore sandals in the stuff.

so what's new around these parts? well, i've been watching a lot of movies lately. the ones that i've enjoyed the most? "helvetica", "manufactured landscapes" and "the nun's story" (look, i love anything with audrey hepburn.)

i tolerated "enchanted" but i fell in love with "juno". (i'm one of those people that considers it pretty damn perfect. i will not, however, buy a hamburger phone.)

on the book front, alcatraz versus the evil librarians rocked my weekend while inkspell/tintenblut and j.m. coetzee's slowman and some collette have made the week a bit more interesting.

i've also been working on things that i can't tell you about yet. although, if all goes well, i can post photos of one of those mysterious things on friday.

Monday, January 14, 2008

pics from sunday

no time to write today. here're some photos from sunday though!

Friday, January 11, 2008

gocco strikes back!

believe it or not, fellow printmaking people, but i've found a print gocco supply place in bothell! the items you see below

arrived in one freakin day! that's so fast that i haven't had time to figure out what i'm going to make with all the screens!

the other interesting item (well, to me, anyway) that surfaced on the web yesterday is this study about women's health and cranberries. (found via jezebel) seems like cranberry juice is good for more than utis.

guess who's drinking a cranberry and vodka for dinner?

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

this is getting beyond ridiculous...

...but i'm fairly certain that i've caught ANOTHER cold. my big clue would be the trio of chills, nausea and dizziness that slammed me while i was on the bus. hooray for new symptoms. *eyeroll*

in other words, it's pretty much same old, same old. well, except for this hello kitty bento box. that's new and quite nice.

Monday, January 07, 2008

more sleep, thank you

since leff and i brought that hell cold of ours with us into the new year (i'm even more tired of being sick than you are of reading about it. trust me on that one.) we still haven't been doing much. you know, aside from sleeping, reading and watching movies.

although we did make it downtown for a while because we're both getting pretty tired of the inside of our apt.

other than that, the holiday booty continues to arrive. if you're interested in what's new on the present front, check out the photo set. uploading images here would drain too much energy at this point.

'k, back to sherlock holmes and "el crimen ferpecto".

Thursday, January 03, 2008

the big holiday post

jesus, but i've been dreading wrapping up the holidays. not that i care that they're over (i'm VERY happy about that!) it's just, you know, this is going to be a long entry.

but enough with the procrastinating. let's travel back to xmas eve when leff and i got the last two donuts at top pot. this is one of them.

i've been trying to spend all of my xmas cash. (money is, apparently, one size fits all. it also makes a great stocking stuffer.) after our donuts, we actually made it to the international district where i got an animal crossing phone charm,

a hello kitty phone charm,

a rabbit canvas bag

and a rement lotus set.

other ways i've been dispensing with xmas moola include a cat hat from lameleg's shop,

a jim henson "city critter"

and a brobee. because i love him and don't care that "yo gabba gabba" is supposed to be for tiny children.

while leff was shopping for his sisters on etsy, he picked up some kick ass things for us from perhaps' shop.

our xmas day was deep fried and full of prepackaged chinese food like these pot stickers.

and, uhm, some funnel cakes. 'cause the holidays scream carny food.

we also took a walk in the rain. you would too if you'd had as much fried food as we had!

sometime between the 25th and now i made some chocolate cupcakes with pb icing.

they were weird since i didn't have all of the ingred and i substituted. plus, you know, the cold is still around and everything that i've tried to make has turned to crap.

we also went skiing at stevens.

i say "we" when i really mean that leff, t and c skiied. i stayed in the lodge and read st lucy's home for girls raised by wolves which is incredible, btw. read it. thank me later.

anyway, happy new year.

may your 2008 be free of computer glitches that disrupt your fireworks.