Monday, August 08, 2016

bob newhart, a hot dog festival and urbs in horto (again)

last week i bruised my heel preeeeetty badly so i thought i wouldn't get around much. i thought that the bob newhart apartment

and the a better picture of the deco statues where the newhart auditorium at loyola is located

was gonna be it. haaa, nope.

i grabbed some athletic tape and put my old track and field bracing/taping knowledge to work. basically, i kicked it old style (haaa sorry.)

so that after we got our new eames knockoff chairs,

leff and i could get creeped out

and hit up donermen.  they had currywurst (you may recall my thing for currywurst. if not, clickety.)

but they were out of club mate. :(((((((((((((((((((((((

so, hey. so, heeeeeeeeeeeeeey. if you aren't veggie/have dietary restrictions forbidding pork and are visiting me, i am TOTALLY taking you to taqueria uptown for their al pastor tacos. you will thank me. OH, how you will thank me!

their horchata is real good too!!

leff and i hit up bookworks in wrigleyville. i'm so sad they're closing! this kb mural at hvac cheered me up tho.

guys, i know bryant is cute and all but my heart belongs to dex. or rizz. or rossy.

ok, fine. they are a good looking team. XD

the biggest event of the past week though, by far has to be the chicago hot dog festival. holy. hell.

i will preface this by saying that, yes, there are six different hot dogs. leff and i split each of them so that was technically only 3 dogs each. (still. 3 hot dogs in one day. D: but DELICIOUS!)

also, it was difficult to make every dog, as incredible as they all were, look appetizing. apologies for that.

anyway, here's the  boricua style from boricua hot dogs.

the poutine dog from edzo's .

two dogs from select cut, the mexican variety

and pulled pork.

the north carolina dog from wishbone.

and, lastly, but not leastly, the full porker from chubby weiners.

shortly after that dog, i became what i had consumed.

then we hoofed it to that kick ass pond area of lincoln park.

our goose was cooked by the end of the day.

and by that i mean, ha, my foot is still bruised even with the taping so i'm probably just gonna be hanging around the apartment this week looking at the sky.

like that's a bad thing. ;D

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