Monday, June 25, 2012

another dreary, slow week

judging from the sunlight in this first photo, you would think that the title of this post was not accurate. "there is sunlight!" you might say!

yeah, well, for about 15 minutes. whatever.

i have been trying to make the best of things by drinking summer drinks.  here is a bastardized negroni. (i added some oj instead of using an orange slice.)

and i made pimm's cups. but that is nothing new.

i have also been spicing things up

by continuing to work through the 660 curries book.

the above would be some sort of vinegary chicken and some curried chickpeas. both dishes were delicious.

i could not really say the same of the failed crumpets that i made.

i mean, they tasted ok but they were really sad looking.

you know what else doesn't really work? the party city gimp.

you can see the gimp in action by clicking here. i am so hoping that this can be viewed outside of the u.s.

guess what ends today?

that's right! excheckered! here's a picture of all 538 bound collages.

let's hope something fun happens this next week. i would like to have something interesting to write about.

Monday, June 18, 2012

slotwown peeps! little help?

Sad news today as a bunch of wonderful books and my sketchbook which contained the above drawing were stolen from the Cal Poly Library Special Collections. 
More info is here. If you live near or in SLO, Ca, keep your eyes peeled? It would be great to get these books back in circulation so that lots of people can enjoy them and not just some selfish asshole. Thanks in advance!

HAWKING and some other assorted things

i can't believe that i didn't mention it here (as i have been TALKING ABOUT IT NONSTOP EVERYWHERE ELSE!) but leff and i GOT TO SEE STEPHEN HAWKING!!! here is a really terrible picture

and also a write up on msnbc. i don't want to go to much into it because, if i'm honest, the only other part of the evening that was any good was jack horner's talk.

seriously, i honestly CANNOT BE ARSED to write about the travesty that is, sigh, evolutionary rap or why, exactly, an interpretive dance about euclidean geometry could not have been presented in an abbreviated version. no, i really don't care about either of those things but i will not let it get to me because I GOT TO SEE HAWKING!!

i was so excited about it that i made this shirt.

the rest of my week was not nearly as thrilling. i rearranged the living room. here is a bad picture of that.

and leff and i burned through all of the "gavin and stacey" that finally became available through prime streaming. it was lush.

i am working my way through this curry cookbook that i got from the library.

i also made that nigella pomegranate and lime no churn ice cream thing.

told you the rest of the week was dull compared to hawking.

other news? excheckered ends this week. also, icepo is still happening.

Monday, June 11, 2012

i had a really crappy weekend...

...and i'd really rather try to forget it. so let's power through this as quickly as possible. fuji,

free coffee,

terrible breakfast,

delicious nando's style chicken that leff made

and teleconferencing with leff who was only on the other side of the wall (which led to this).

also, excheckered

and icepo.  *fingers crossed* that next week is better,

Thursday, June 07, 2012

thing to do on a thursday when you're homebound: make chocolate bread

did i really make david lebovitz's chocolate bread

just so i could put french marmalade on it and take a really crappy picture of it before i ate it?

yes, i did.  AND I WOULD DO IT AGAIN!!

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

it's tuesday. have a cat video.

it is cold and miserable and cloudy and i am not going to be able to view the venus transit because see aforementioned cold and miserable and cloudy. anyway, here's a cat video from the weekend. whee and et cetera.

ya know, if i was a guy, i'd change my name to "chet cetera". as i won't be having gender reassignment surgery, however, i will have to stick with "miss anne thrope".  happy tuesday!

Monday, June 04, 2012

a few things happened but mainly i was sick

between being ill and drawing icepos  i did not get too much done this past week. in fact, the major highlight besides putting my glasses and headphones on my robot

was making queso fresco from some raw milk that leff picked up at the bodega. i halved this recipe and came up with this unintentionally heart shaped cheese.

which i then baked. delicious!

oh wait! i participated in kiki's new project.

but i did not do much with excheckered as it is autoposting (and doesn't need my help) for about another two weeks.

bonus video:  did you know that it's really hard to surprise yourself with those candles that relight if you were the person who 1) bought them 2) lit them? it's true. i wasn't surprised by this at all.