Monday, July 26, 2010

words, food, paintings and cats (it's always that, isn't it?)

leff was in san fran for part of the week. what this means for you is some seemingly nonsensical imagery. like this:

yes, yes. i too am bored with the "fuck yeah" thing but whatever. i had yarn.

i made leff a banner on his return from ca. look at banner. look at it, michael.

for no reason, i will now post a photo of a white lantern.

and now we move to the food portion of this post. thursday night, l came over for a "murder, she wrote" a thon. we had snacks.

and ended up watching other things besides jessica fletcher.

i eat even more junk food than normal when leff is gone. as evidence, i present these wafer cookies.

god, they were good. so were these three flavors of skyr.

orange creme, key lime pie and strawberry. although, if one of you mentions that it's kinda' like a neapolitan, i will punch you as i had to hear that joke, like, four times while i was waiting in line. i mean, it's not even really a joke. sigh...

i got some sprinkles. first i made a sprinkle bunn.

then i made some fairy bread using cream cheese instead of butter.

what? i saw it in "hey hey it's esther blueburger". it's almost food! (an aside: why is it that the best soundtracks are always from australian movies? please discuss amongst yourselves.)

two more photos and i'm out. i've got research to do. (plus i need to ask glew if it's feasible to wear doc martins in the jungle. i really do!)

here are two of my recent favorites from stupid f--king awesome.

that's still happening, btw.

lastly, here is clouseau being adorable as usual.

i wonder if he knows the answer to the doc martin question.

Monday, July 19, 2010

some things and a trip to poulsbo

you might recall that garden that i've given up on since we're not having summer in the pnw this year. surprisingly, it has finally yielded something other than just lettuce, dill and chives. behold the first peas!

there were only five pods in the first "harvest" but that was enough for a snack.

a few new things arrived at casa rakkaleff last week. our new old globe!

we can now locate where we would have been in 1960. with topographic detail!

also, i got what we are now referring to as an "adventure bag". (because it resembles something from "raiders".)

i love this thing. it's small but still holds cameras, my watercolor set, sketchbooks and "adventure food" (you know, granola) with room left for a trendy yet vaguely literary trade paperback.

on saturday, c, b, leff and i headed to poulsbo. our original intent was to see laura's log (you know, where laura palmer was found washed up on shore) but there was a private event at the lodge and we didn't want to crash.

instead, we ended up at a beer tasting at the europa bottleshop.

we also picked up "cinnamon volcanoes" (leff's term for these cinnamon buns from sluy's.)

they're even more delicious than you can imagine.

i'll end with the customary cat photo.

i've got big fish demos to play and games to buy. (i finished "the great gatsby" saturday morning. i know, it sounds weird but it's actually FUN!)

Monday, July 12, 2010

food both edible and printed

since i have yard work to do, an interlibrary loan to place, research to continue and painting to do, i'll keep things short.

on sunday, i made some homemade orange chicken. it was very good. the recipe is on the flickr photo.

at one point last week, it actually felt like summer. i doesn't any more. here is some ice cream from when the weather wasn't being a passive aggressive pacific northwest asshole.

related to ice cream, the jesse ledoux show at schmancy occured at the same time as my opening for stupid fucking awesome at nancy. here's a picture of some prints.

now i've got to weed. sigh...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

opening photos are now up at flickr

thanks to those of you who made it to the stupid f--king awesome opening last night!

a few more pictures can be seen in the flickr set. click through! there are panos! whee!

Friday, July 09, 2010

sfa opening is TONIGHT!

as if you could forget with me constantly reminding you. the opening for stupid f--king awesome is TONIGHT from 6p-9- at nancy! this new cad oil tube painting will be part of the show.

drop by! bring your friends! free parking! (no, not really) that's a lot of entertainment. for two dollars. (two dollars not required.)

Thursday, July 08, 2010

editing stupid f--king awesome

don't forget! the opening is TOMORROW NIGHT at Nancy from 6p-9p! hope to see you there!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Stupid F--king Awesome Opening This Friday!

Make sure to drop by Nancy on Friday night any time between 6p-9p!

Also, check out the Jessie LeDoux show next door at Schmancy while you're there!

Monday, July 05, 2010

a monday in july

oh, look! this week it's a return to form!

amazingly enough, it turns out that leff and i didn't have mono. we're still not sure what it was though since his voice mail message cut out in the middle of the test results.

i suppose it doesn't really matter though as we're both feeling a LOT better. (thanks for the concerned emails, btw.)

so, what new other than a return to health? a new rug for the living room.

we moved the tweed rugs into leff's office and the bedroom where they make more sense.

the hydrangeas are blooming.

so are the day lilies. i have, however, for all intents and purposes given up on the garden except for lettuce. it's still only in the low 60's in the pnw without much sun. so, yeah. this growing season is fucked.

just like everyone else, i found my old gbv cds.

i still love them. i'm not going to the matador reunion though as i've already seen robert pollard play plenty of times. i'm sure it will be a fucking incredible show though.

now though, i've got to get some weeding done. have some fuji pictures.