Monday, June 30, 2014

clouseau and an herb sink

clouseau is looking burned out these days. (it's what we're all like at the casa. we're cinderlike in our level of burn out.)

but, hey! the herbs are growing for a change. this picture mainly for chotda who wanted to see our herb sink.

the sink used to be in the basement/laundry. now it holds lemongrass, basil, way too much mint that has gone crazy, oregano, strawberries and thyme. although, that lemongrass might not be looking so hot.

i should really make some mint sauce, tea, etc. 

Thursday, June 26, 2014


the light here this time of year makes me feel like i am under water. what i would not give for some high contrast, deep shadow, raking friggin' light. if it ain't baroque then fix it, amirite? i am rite.

finished the silkworm. rowling as galbraith is always pretty fun and i enjoyed the insidery-ness of this one. 

movie wise, i don't really have any recommendations this week. ok, i liked "veronica mars", hated both "a field in england" (is there anything worse than hearing people relate their drug experiences? yes, watching it on film.) and "tim's vermeer" (rewatched "david hockney's hidden knowledge" instead.).  

"shirokuma cafe" rules my world right now. perhaps that's all you need to know.

Friday, June 20, 2014

friday night

this joint is jumpin.

Monday, June 16, 2014

me tienen hasta los huevos...

...and i have come to realize i will feel exactly that way until i move. still! this weekend was not all bad! we had a plate of sandwiches

and i read an advance copy of  the fever (so good! but everything megan abbott writes is great.), and regular copies of both we were liars and the vacationers.  honestly, you can not go wrong with any of these three books. they are greatly complimentary so, hey, read them as a trio! (don't even start about ya, btw. if a story is well told, it's for everyone. (p.s.-- if you have not figured out that slate is inflammatory click bait, then i despair for your reading comprehension. (not really. i don't care. i'm not your goddamned mother/grading you.)))

anyway, time to get to work. i cannot believe that i will be needing a lint brush for this commission but, ha, i so will.

Friday, June 13, 2014

lo fi vessyls

can't afford the new internet of thing-y bluetooth-y vessyl? you are in luck. i made you a lo fi version that is easy to replicate at home. production time was less than five minutes! 

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ every day i'm dirsuptin'. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ my cup is so smart but sometimes i worry about my cup. etc, etc, fucking etc.

i can almost start working on this new thing that i can't talk about!

yay! i got 3/4 of my blick order today! this means that i can start working on this new thing that i can't tell you about on monday! well, i mean, if the motherfucking salt water rednecks and shit forsaken moss people of this fucking state will LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE i can start work on monday. also, you know, if the last quarter of my order arrives. 

i'm not sure which is more important. i lie. i would like all the assholes in washington state to go jump in the fucking sound. (the water displacement of so many (there are sooo many) would surely cause a catastrophic tsunami.)

i do apologize for being so secretive about, well, almost everything lately. it's just there are a lot of nondisclosure agreements involved. it's not that i hate you, i'm just *not* able to discuss certain (very incredible, very wonderful) things in public. thanks for understanding.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

a post about a great little movie theater in kingsport, tn

what i am about to relate occurred at a very appropriate time for me. i have been despising almost everyone lately (with good reason) but i just had my faith restored in people. i know. how is it even possible?! read on. read on.

my dad watches my nephew once a week. this involves quite a bit of driving (my dad lives in rural va, my nephew in rural tn) and my dad has been very ill lately. it's not been the easiest thing for him to keep a five year old entertained. 

it's been pretty hot in that part of the country and today was no exception, definitely an indoor activity kind of day. my dad thought that a movie would be great especially since my nephew loves monsters (runs in the family) and had been talking about "godzilla".

after a quick search for the nearest movie theater showing "godzilla", off they went to kingsport, almost an hour and a half drive away.

when my dad went to the window to buy tickets, he was informed that "godzilla" was not showing due to a faulty air conditioning unit. D: oh no! what were they going to do?

i'll tell you what they did. they watched "godzilla" at that very movie theater. how? the manager noticed what had happened and learned how far my dad had driven. and, because there are actually kind people in this world, he screened the movie in their smallest theater for just my dad and nephew. and he didn't charge them. 

absolutely above and beyond exceptional customer service. if you are in or near the kingsport, tn area, i would highly recommend seeing a movie at frank theaters. they value their customers! they treated my dad with respect. i am greatly impressed by their kindness.

and on that note, i am going to get back to packing. 

the song is remaining the same

still packing.

currently dealing with too much lemongrass.

Sunday, June 08, 2014

upon further reflection.... is quite possibly that i might, conceivably, have too many pairs of sunglasses.

Friday, June 06, 2014


sometimes when i have work to do, i warm up by making robots with stuff in my drawer. this is generally what they look like. 

i am doubting that they have any sort of practical application but the middle one is just so happy.

it feels like fall

maybe it's because i have a lot of work to do, maybe it's because it smells like fish food outside. whatever the cause, i keep mistaking this season for fall. so i listen to big star (this but see also this.)

bake and hope for warmer weather at some point.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

guess what i'm doing!

yes! packing! hahahaha ah gaaaaaaaaaaaaaawd. i just want to sleep.