Saturday, April 15, 2017

monster factory easter eggs!

hi! my internet at home has been eaten by squirrels. like, literally. there is a squirrel nest in the box that connects me to the outside world. so i am beach bloggin this. THANK YOU FOR THE FREE WIFI CITY OF CHICAGO!!

anyway, that is a long way of saying that i am going to have to keep this post short. and i will start that shortness by saying that monster factory has kept me sane this year. THANK YOU MCELROYS

have some some of my favorite monster factory monsters as easter eggs!

dino lansubury. sssshhhhh, don't give her away!

turbovicki. vicki is short for victorious.

the thing about borth sampson is that he looks just like bart! toe to tip, this is a bart!

sadly, i didn't have enough eggs to make totino's but, just like the boy mayor of second life, i think dogs should vote.

and finally, my beloved final pam.

here they are as a family!

and here is an outtake photo of two sisters in tupperware.

see you once i get my wifi back! it is very sandy and windy here rn and wow just see you once the squirrels are gone. bye!

Friday, April 14, 2017

miffy slice and bake cookies

lately, i've been watching a lot of tutorials on youtube about how to make slice and bake cookies (here my favorite one! 💕) and i thought, what with easter being just around the corner, why not try my hand at making some miffy cookies.

i mean, she is of a very simple design

so it wasn't too difficult to cut a bunch of miffy heads out of dough

and then glue them together with some egg white.

i did start to wonder what i'd gotten myself into when i attached the second layer of dough, however.

an additional layer of green dough and about an hour's worth of freezer time and, hey! it's a log of miffy slice and bake cookies! not bad for a first attempt! (apologies for the change in lighting. there was a really bad thunderstorm happening when this photo was taken.)

here are miffy slices before i painted on their faces with chocolate.

and after.

10 min at 400 f and then it's time to cool.

ha, lighting change again due to another storm. sorry! still! i think these turned out quite well!

i certainly heart them.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

unnatural egg dye just in time for easter

the natural egg dye from earlier this week was fun and all, but what is this holiday unless you feel like you're holding?

yes, that's right! someone got some dye tablets! the eggs can't really tell a difference

but can we? let's find out.

this picture just to illustrate that there was some sun after those massive storms rollin' off the lake.

five minutes in the dye and we get

compare/contrast to the natural ones from the other day under the same light.

part of me loves the manufactured dyed eggs more even though they're not really subtle. the beet pink just doesn't do it for me the way the tablet pink does, you know?

oh! what's this?? it looks like they're trying to tell us something!

speaking of being unsubtle and unnaturally hued.

needs more orange.*pukes*

coming up-- slice and bake cookies

Monday, April 10, 2017

natural egg dye just in time for easter

hi hey hello! i'm back just in time for eggs! (that link has last year's eggs+ a master list of eggs past at the bottom of the entry)

believe it or not, i had never used natural dyes for eggs before. if you haven't either, just know that you can use beets

red cabbage,

onion skins,

and turmeric

to make some cool hues.

the recipe for all the veg:  2 cups of veg boiled for 20 min in 2 cups of water with 1 tablespoon of white vinegar added.

turmeric is only different in that it's 2 tablespoons of turmeric  boiled for 20 min in 2 cups of water with 1 tablespoon of white vinegar added.

easy peasy. your eggs will wait patiently while you boil.

be forewarned though-- it's kinda smelly, so ventilate well unless you enjoy boiled cabbage smell permeating everything forever and ever until the end of time.

here are my eggs being all dramatic. omg, i'm dying. (*groan*)

times in the dye vary depending on how dark you want your eggs to be. i think most of these took about 30 min minimum. just, you know, rotate your eggs periodically and check their progress. remove from dye when you're happy with them.

anyway, finished results! here's turmeric.

turmeric and beet.

turmeric, beet and onion skin.

and turmeric, beet, onion skin and red cabbage. yes! boiled red cabbage makes blue dye!

here's the group shot under a warmer light source.

coming up later this week:  more fun with other dyes! and, if i can find the time, some slice and bake cookies.

Monday, March 20, 2017

taking a month off

will be back in mid april. til then, if you want to keep up check out ig. bye for now!

Monday, March 13, 2017

oh god two weeks of pics, let's just get started...

you know what's better than ramen? having ramen delivered to your apt. here's my order from jinya ramen bar. SO GOOD 

went to lawrence at some point

to check out broadway market. can totally recommend!! their produce is v v good and plentiful! (blurry pic but you get the idea)

on the way back with my groceries i passed this great store window full of plants

and also a bunch of rainbow ribbons at a school.

my groceries contained-- a dragon fruit!

some star fruit that i dried!

and a shit ton of thai chilis that are now frozen so i can use them at my leisure.

not in my groceries but enjoyable, japanese nautical chocolate. yum ahoy!

i mean, i don't just eat fruit. check out this ciardone from mariano's. i honestly had no idea how much italian pastry was missing from my life until i moved to chicago. i have a LOT of catching up to do.

made it to target last week. finally got a picture of this sticker that's been slowly fading.

while there, i picked up some thin mint cereal. it's ok. it's also gone so, i mean...

feb kawaii box arrived! here are some of my fave items from it! an awesome pin,

a squishy donut keychain,


 and some milky + sanrio strawberry chocolates!

not sure what this is tho.

omg you guys, this is THE BEST chicken we've found to date! no pics of the actual food cause lol that was gone as soon as we got the order. DELICIOUS!

sun, leff and i took a walk to andersonville since it's prob gonna be the last weekend without snow for a while.

dude, i knoooooooooooooooooooooooooow

i made two new friends! :D

i'm not sure how i feel about these cows tho. maybe friends?

they've prob been feeling the same way as me since november.

SPEAKING of persisiting

don't forget to mail your ides of trump postcards this week!

more info at the link above. i jumped the gun and sent mine today. what. i am ALWAYS sending postcards these days when i'm not on the phone with my representatives. i hope you are as well.

til next week!