Friday, February 29, 2008

puppies, bleach and ratburger's new clothes

on wed n and i took bronson to the dog park.

he's totally lord of the dirt mound.

while there, i played puppy paparazzo.

here's the soundgarden. (for p)

every time i see that sculpture i get "big dumb sex" stuck in my head. not a particularly good song to absentmindedly sing in public. just, you know, fyi.

hey! it's a bleach painting! (i love to do those. (they look better when they're fully dry though.))

for, you guessed it, suspect and fugitive.

ratburger got some new clothes!

gr sticker from chotda (thanks, chotda!!) and the cassette death vinyl from deadworry.

seattle readers, if you see me around town (since those stickers make my computer kinda' stick out) don't be afraid to say hi. if i look disoriented, freaked out and exhausted, don't worry! i always look like that.

rest assured that, despite appearing vaguely cracked out, i will return your "hi" with a "hello" or perhaps a "howdy" if i've been watching spaghetti westerns again.

all right, time to get a move on. it's a busy day and i have a mexican coke to drink!

150 calories of pure cane sugar bliss!! *drooling*

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

holy crap, uk readers!

an earthquake?!? how are you doing? (i know there weren't many injuries but i'm still wondering how you're holding up.)

squid, velma and peeps (oh my!)

remember the squid ink that i picked up the other day? i got around to using it on tuesday.

(for suspect and fugitive.)

it's really condensed stuff, slightly fishy smelling (the cats were really into this drawing) and *super* black. i am in love with this ink! but i don't think i'll buy it again because, well, you know, i feel bad about dead squid. (it's left over vegetarian guilt. cut me some slack! i was veggie for seven years!)

anyway, speaking of squid, our plush one is voting for obama.

i didn't even know it was paying attention to election coverage!

here's an orange velma or maybe a velma in an orange. on an orange? whatever, it's for the bf. oh, and thingaday which is, thankfully, almost over.

when i purchased my squid ink, i also picked up this adorable felting book.

t! i'm trying to figure out how to make the cover hedge! if it ends up looking like more than a blob, it'll be yours!

i'm also working with peeps.

surprisingly, not for my other blog but because the chicago tribune is having a peeps contest.

also because i've had this tacocat song stuck in my head for weeks.

due to my knee injury, i haven't been out of the apt much so all that's left is a goofy cameraphone image likely to freak out one person in particular. hey, leff!


Monday, February 25, 2008

easter eggs, ratburger, tubesand and one sunny weekend

first up, hello to any craftzine readers who've clicked through from suspect and fugitive! (and thanks to michelle for the kind mention!)

spring is most definitely in the air in seattle. you know what happens when i start shaking off the shackles of winter? i make easter eggs like bender

and this "juno" one. (pregnant easter eggs make me laugh.)

(both for thingaday)

i also watch a lot of clint eastwood movies.

(for the aforementioned suspect and fugitive)

this weekend's BIG news, however, was the arrival of MY NEW LAPTOP!!

i've never owned my own computer before so i almost DIED when i found out that leff had gotten me one! (best. bf. EVAR!!!)

yes, it's called ratburger.

have i ever mentioned how much i like things in tubes? tube socks, tubeworms and now tubesand.

i saw that on one of the many walks that leff and i took this weekend. wanna' see what else we saw at myrtle edwards?

how about the top of queen anne hill?

we were in uqa because of the new top pot location.

on sunday, we joined m and n on a trip to the id. we not only got a region free dvd player, kim chi and squid ink but also a sterotypical snap of the new gate.

this photo is for slogrl.

how was your party last night? did you enjoy the awards show? do tell, chica!

have i told you one of the things that i love about seattle residents? when people see lost items of clothing, they pick them up off of the ground.

really, guys. that's so nice!

k, sticker time. then i need to go heal. i busted my knee again yesterday. (i KNOW! you don't have to tell me i'm clumsy. i'm painfully aware of that.)

Friday, February 22, 2008

cheeto brit, heartly cloudy bunny + some empty buildings

thurday i didn't comb the beaches of seattle looking for space rubble from the downed satellite as i'd originally planned. (which is good since none of it fell in our area.) no, i stayed inside and blitzed a snack bag of cheetos to make a britney spears.

it's serves double duty in that it's for suspect and fugitive and thingaday.

in case you were wondering, one of the small bags makes about a cup and a half of the greasiest, most disgusting powder in the orange food group.

orange, of course, being the tastiest of the four groups since it also includes creamsicles and sunkist soda.

bunny in memphis (hello, bunny! *hugs!*) got the "heartly cloudy" shrinky dink that i sent to her. here is the awesome photo that she took with it!

(original here.)

i heart bunny! you should check out her 365 set. there's some really amazing stuff in there!

it's too early to get excited about the end of winter, isn't it?

damn, i knew you'd say that. you and punxsutawney phil are such killjoys...

can i tell you how thrilled i am that the ballard denny's is saved? i say this as a lover of both googie and sticking it to the man. but who, i ask you, who will stand up for the poor chinese restaurant on the corner of queen anne and mercer that has closed its doors?

no one. besides, i'm kidding. i ate there, like, once and it was "meh" at best.

i am kinda' sad about these two houses being torn down in lqa though.

that sadness will quickly turn to anger if they were wrecked for condos. ESP if construction wakes me up at 7:30.

what say i nip this anger in the bud with some sticker pics?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

thanks for your support!

remember how i promised to post a photo of fujiko with a cupcake surrounded by hearts if you guys voted me into the quarterfinal round in the local blog competition i'm involved in? well, here it is!

if you can read this sentence, the cuteness didn't kill you. hooray for that!

if i make it into the next round, uuuuh, i'll post a photo of....two cats and a cupcake with five cartoon deer dancing on it surrounded by hearts.

that would probably kill you. especially if i turned it into an animated gif. (i won't though. that would make me cry.)

anyway, many thanks for your effort so far and continued thanks for your support!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

bunnies, deer, obama and some band aids

i haven't done anything exciting since you were last here. you might argue that i never do anything exciting and, yeah, i'd have to concede your victory on that point. you, ftw.

still, i took a break from soaking up vitamin d outside and working to make some pink dough. look! there are buns that are ready to go into the oven!

ed note: that's as close as any bun is ever getting to *my* oven. *ba doom ching*

when i finished baking, i had a whole bunny army

that went to work with leff

and then attacked his officemates! or at least their plants.

(photo by lily. original here.)

in other wildlife news? no, it's not news really. oh, whatever. here's a jagermeister wash drawing made with jager left over from new year's eve.

for suspect and fugitive.

want to see how sneaky leff can be? he ordered me valentine's presents!

reading is sexy. it's true! it's written on a shirt and tshirts never lie. (unless they say things like "larry the cable guy is funny" or "hottentots are hottennot" because that's just a stupid 17th century way of thinking. they're named the khoikhoi anyway. jerk.)

anyway, chotda, my ally in cuteness, sent me some wonderful hk band aids!

thank you, chotda!! bleeding is always less stressful when it can be covered by the cat!

and that sums up the past two days. (nicely? not so much.) time to get back to work.

Monday, February 18, 2008

quaker oats, the sun and more thingaday items

this past weekend i was feeling my oats. like, literally.

it's for suspect and fugitive, of course.

while i was making it, leff laughed at me. the man who was playing virtual bowling in the other room thought that *i* was the silly one.

ok, so sunday was library day. again. (yeah, i read a lot. so what? i'll papercut you!) after a brief stop at top pot where leff got a bullseye,

i finally tracked down the "none of us" building.

i say "finally" like i'm all cptn. ahab with this white whale obsession. i found out about "none of us" about a week ago.

right, the library.

it was too nice to stay inside for long so i grabbed some books and we headed to the water.

that could only be a more touristy shot if i'd taken it on a ferry with, like, a cup of coffee from pike place market in my hand.

the olympics made a grand appearance.

everyone was taking pictures of them

even if there was a calder in the way.

here are some chairs.

they didn't take pictures of anything. in fact, they just kinda' sat there. you know what chairs are like.

wanna' see some stickers and paper and stuff? ok!

i don't know if this is the electrical pole that had paper arranged to look like an 8bit mario on it or not but it's located by ais and involved a lot of stapling. ergo, it is cool. you know, 'cause of the staples.

shed thinks this one looks like the milk carton from that blur video. i agree.

two more and we'll get to thingaday.

i worked a lot with fiber for thingaday this weekend. that's not such a good thing since i suck at fiber art for the most part. anyway, here're some felt deer antlers.

and a dry felted peep.

that's the first thing i've ever felted. it's not that great but, you know, it'll do...for now.

i ordered some cooool ass pot holders (did you know such a thing existed?) from southern accent crafts.

they remind me of the potholders i used to see in older southern ladies' houses when i was growing up. long story short, i had to have them since i'm feeling a little homesick. (it happens every feb. no, katty kat, that doesn't mean i'm flying to memphis.)

'k, so that's it. have a great pres day if you're in the states. if not, then, you know, happy monday and all that.

personally, i'm gonna watch clips of animatronic lincoln.