Wednesday, February 13, 2008

i will never run out of freezer paper plus an oily paul newman and one of the tiniest maps of tokyo subway lines

the past two days i haven't really left the neighborhood. actually, i'll amend "neighborhood" to "my apartment".

this is not really a bad thing as i tend to work from home. ok, it wouldn't have been a bad thing *if* i hadn't magically grown eight more thumbs to replace my normal fingers.

a lot of what i've been trying to make lately has fallen apart/blown up/mocked me. it's been frustrating. but you know what they say, when life gives you lemons, drag out the freezer paper and design a shirt.

like this one.

hang on! before you get upset, please realize that i 1) am a registered democrat. (although i'll swing independent. (but i won't write anything in the "lgbt" box on the caucus form.)) 2) don't necessarily consider making an ass of yourself to be a bad thing. esp if it results in a really funny youtube clip.

i think i'll make a "back that ass up" shirt next. oh, the hilarity of the democratic donkey.

here's a second freezer paper stencil that i whipped out for thingaday.

yep. "heart on sleeve". (groan...) i didn't stencil the word "cheese" though. that's done with a fine point sharpie. 'cause, you know, i might have mad xacto skillz but that woulda' been insane...

one last thing a day. this is a "heartly cloudy" shrinky dink charm.

you can make shrinky dinks too if you have number six plastic and an oven. here's how.

for suspect and fugitive, it's a greasy portrait of paul newman made with his own tasty, tasty vinaigrette!

and that's all i've made.

etsy wise, i got something really cool from betty death (it's pronounced "deeth"!). she makes these cute little subway map cuffs!

now if i ever get lost in tokyo, i'll be able to find my way around a really small area. that defiantly deserves a rock hand!


Aaron said...

i think i'll make a "back that ass up" shirt next. oh, the hilarity of the democratic donkey.

Maybe there's also room somewhere for a "do these jeans make my ass look fat" / dem. donkey shirt?

Oh, and... long time no talk/see =)

r4kk4 said...

i think there is!

yeah, no shit! what the hell have you been up to?! (email response is adequate if you don't want everyone up in your grill/business)

oh yeah, vote for me. please?